Group VANNER, sexy concept photo released
Group VANNER, sexy concept photo released
VANNER (Tae-hwan, GON, Hyeseong, Seong-guk, Yeong-gwang), the winning team of 'Peak Time', released a poster a day before their comeback.

On the 20th, VANNER (Banner) released the 'D-1 Poster' of the first mini-album 'VENI VIDI VICI' (Veni Vidi Vici) through the official SNS and started the long-awaited comeback countdown that was approaching one day ahead.

The poster for this comeback 'D-1' contains the warm chemistry and unconventional transformation of VANNER, who came to take over the music industry this summer with a sexy and fresh charm. VANNER, who challenged with a neat and sophisticated uniform styling with a combination of navy and white colors, transforms into a fascinating marine boy with 5 members and 5 colors, raising expectations for a thrilling flight.

The title song 'PERFORMER', which was announced with an addictive melody and a sharp performance through a music video teaser, is a light pop dance song that combines funk and electronics. charm was expressed.

A compound word of 'Victory' meaning victory and 'Banner' meaning flag, VANNER (banner), which means going to the top and planting the flag of victory, is Latin for 'I have come, I have seen, I have won!' Just like the name of this album, 'VENI VIDI VICI', which contains the meaning, it is the determination to show the spirit of waving the flag of victory at the top.

VANNER (Banner) won the JTBC survival program 'Peak Time', which ended last April, as the team at 11 o'clock, and hot expectations are gathering for this comeback.

VANNER will release its first mini-album 'VENI VIDI VICI' through various music sites at 6 pm on August 21st.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia
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