Group AKMU, music video teaser released
Group AKMU, music video teaser released
AKMU's 4th single title track 'Love Lee' music video teaser was first released on the 17th.

As it contains a video that gives a glimpse of the new song concept and some of the chorus, great interest is drawn to it. While the rhythmic beat of the introduction captivated the listeners' ears at once, the melodies completed with Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun's attractive voices brought a pleasant smile.

The lovely lyrics that maximize the charm of the song are also impressive. The catchy expression of 'So lovely day so lovely / Errday with you so lovely' presents a strong addiction.

YG said, "'Love Lee' is a song that stands out with bright and refreshing energy," and added, "Please look forward to seeing the music of those who have grown further from the witty sensibility unique to AKMU in the past."

In addition, AKMU's delightful charm in colorful colors was shown in the video, drawing attention. Lee Soo-hyun transformed into Cupid and helped Lee Chan-hyuk propose, while the story of masked people stealing something from the space called 'HEART BANK' and running away stimulated curiosity.

Meanwhile, AKMU's 4th single [Love Lee] will be released on August 21st at 6:00 PM and contains two songs, 'Love Lee' and 'Dream of Fry'. This is the first comeback in about two years since the release of the collaboration album [NEXT EPISODE] in 2021.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google