NewJeans' 'Super Shy' charted on the US Billboard 'Hot 100' for 5 weeks in a row
NewJeans' 'Super Shy' charted on the US Billboard 'Hot 100' for 5 weeks in a row
NewJeans' 'Super Shy' ran in reverse on the US Billboard's main chart and ran on the box office road.

According to the latest US Billboard chart released on the 15th (local time) (as of August 19), one of the triple title songs of the 2nd mini album 'Get Up' by NewJeans(Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein), ' Super Shy' climbed 11 steps from the previous week on the main song chart, 'Hot 100', rising to No. 66. After entering the chart at number 66 (as of July 22nd), the song took its own highest ranking of number 48 on August 5th, and last week it briefly stagnated (77th), but this time it raised the ranking significantly and stayed on the chart for 5 weeks. It succeeded in consecutive chart-ins.

'Get Up' ranked 12th on the main album chart 'Billboard 200'. 'Get Up' entered the 'Billboard 200' and went straight to No. 1 (as of August 5), and maintained the top spot for three consecutive weeks.

The strength of NewJeans stood out on global charts covering over 200 countries/regions around the world. 'Super Shy' ranked 5th in 'Global (excluding the US)' and 7th in 'Global 200', ranking in the 'Top 5' and 'Top 10' respectively for 5 consecutive weeks.

The momentum of another title song 'ETA' is formidable. 'ETA' ranked 8th in 'Global (excluding the US)', up 2 places from the previous week, and 18th in the 'Global 200', up 10 places from the previous week, continuing its popularity with 'Super Shy'.

In addition, songs from the 2nd mini album, including the title song 'Cool With You', 'New Jeans', 'ASAP', etc.

NewJeans will appear at Japan's representative summer festival 'Summer Sonic 2023' to be held in Tokyo on the 19th.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google