Yerin released a highlight medley
Yerin released a highlight medley
Singer Yerin started warming up for her comeback.

Bill Entertainment released a highlight medley video of Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, Love' through its official SNS account at midnight on the 14th.

In the released video, the highlights of all tracks on Yerin's 2nd mini album, starting with the title song 'Bambambam' and the b-side songs 'Summer Charm' and 'THE DANCE'. soundtrack is included.

The title song of this album, 'Bambambam', which took off the veil, is a retro genre song that combines city pop and synthwave disco, and Yerin's new genre attempt stands out. In the deep night when the lover who broke up comes to mind, the melody that catches the heart of trying to erase the past lover raises expectations for euphemism.

The b-side songs covering various genres also raised expectations for Yerin's broadened musical spectrum. From 'Rooftop (Summer Charm)' with cool and funky guitar riffs to 'THE DANCE', where you can taste the essence of retro in the electronic punk genre, tracks of various genres that delight listeners' ears will raise curiosity about the album. heightened

Yerin's unique visual transformation based on the overall concept of this album also draws attention. In the highlight video, Yerin boasts a sophisticated look in an alluring yet mysterious atmosphere, while also showing off her unique freshness and lovely side, clearly proving her ability to pull off a unique concept.

Wearing retro clothes, Yerin is taking off as a summer queen this summer. Yerin's comeback, which conveys a more mature energy with a highlight medley of colorful charms, adds even more interest.

Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' will be released on the 23rd at 6pm.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google