New Jeans' new MV, the main characters are Jeong Ho-yeon and Yang Jo-wi
New Jeans' new MV, the main characters are Jeong Ho-yeon and Yang Jo-wi
Jung Ho-yeon and Yang Jo-wi appeared in New Jeans' music video.

New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) posted the music video side of 'Cool With You', one of the triple title songs of the 2nd mini album 'Get Up', on the Hive Labels YouTube channel at midnight on the 20th (Korean time). Two music videos were released: A version and side B version of 'Cool With You' & 'Get Up'.

This music video is directed by Shin Woo-seok, director of Dolphin Kidnapper, once again after 'OMG' and 'Ditto'. A modern adaptation of the Greek myth of 'Psyche and Eros'. Filmed in Barcelona, Spain and produced in two parts, the music video flows around the narrative. It tells the story of Eros (Jeong Ho-yeon) giving up her status as a god and choosing love. New Jeans appears as a guardian angel who accompanies God and follows the narrative contemplatively.

Jeong Ho-yeon's earnest acting gives a deep sense of immersion. Leung Jo-wi showed impressive eyes and facial expressions even in a short appearance. The appearance of the two actors itself is surprising, but the passionate acting was added to complete the visual beauty with artistic sensibility.

Along with the dramatic content of the music video, the performance of the contemporary genre shown by New Jeans is also the highlight of the 'Cool With You' music video. It shows a more mature performance of New Jeans in the form of a piece of art, rather than simple movements focused on 'sword choreography' or killing points. The hand choreography in the last scene uniquely unravels the relationship between the members.

Based on the UK Garage rhythm, New Jeans' unique and attractive vocals harmonize well with the video, maximizing the charm of the song. The restrained timbre created by the falsetto singing method of the New Jeans members and the refined vibe of the Garage/House rhythm are impressive. And 'Get Up', an interlude track of the same name as the 2nd mini album 'Get Up', finishes the narrative by decorating the ending of the music video.

As of 8:00 am on the 20th, the music videos of these two versions have exceeded 4.22 million total views on YouTube. In addition, 'Cool With You', 'New Jeans MV', 'Get Up', and 'NewJeans' are getting hot reactions on Twitter real-time trends.

Previously, with the news of the release of the music video for 'Cool With You', Ador announced that "two surprising and unexpected global stars will appear." Recently, as a witness was reported that BTS V visited a restaurant in Madrid, Spain for three days in a row, speculation arose that BTS V might be appearing in the music video.

With the pre-release single 'Super Shy', New Jeans has already ranked 2nd on the US Billboard 'Global 200', 66th on the Billboard 'Hot 100', 10th on Spotify's 'Daily Top Song' (as of the 18th local time), UK official 'Single Top' It is attracting attention by renewing its own highest ranking every day, such as ranking 59th on the 100'. The 2nd mini album 'Get Up', which contains a total of 6 songs, will be released on the 21st at 1pm.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google