Lim Young-woong, 'London Boy' MV surpasses 20 million views
Lim Young-woong, 'London Boy' MV surpasses 20 million views
Singer Lim Young-woong is receiving full love and support from fans by achieving 20 million views of the 'London Boy' music video.

The 'London Boy' music video, released on Lim Young-woong's official YouTube channel on November 16, 2022, exceeded 20 million views as of the 23rd.

'London Boy' is Lim Young-woong's first self-composed song. Lim Young-woong in the 'London Boy' music video emphasizes his dandy charm with glasses. Also, with colorful styling and hip hairstyle, he snatched fans' hearts.

On the other hand, Lim Young-woong's new single 'Sand Grains', which was released on various online music sites at 6:00 pm on June 5, ranked first on the Melon TOP 100 as of 8:00 am on June 6. At the same time, it also ranked first in Genie TOP 200, another major music platform.

After sweeping the top spot on the real-time music charts, it spurred its popularity by climbing to the top of the Melon TOP 100, the largest music platform in Korea.

And Lim Young-woong's recent self-composed grain of sand, on June 17th, music broadcast 'MBC Show! Following the first place on Music Core, they won first place on July 15th, and on June 28th, 'Show Champion', they won three gold medals on music shows.

In addition, Lim Young-woong took first place in the July singer brand reputation with the core keyword "fandom spreading good influence" community, and in the trot category for 31 consecutive months, proving that he is the best singer in existence.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google