Oh My Girl's Mimi "Hear a sense of responsibility and happiness...Human growth"
Oh My Girl's Mimi "Hear a sense of responsibility and happiness...Human growth"
Mimi told the behind-the-scenes of the new song's music video shooting.

On the 24th, a showcase for Oh My Girl's 9th mini album 'Golden Hourglass' was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.

This album is a new album after about a year and four months since the regular 2nd album 'Real Love' released in March last year. The title song 'Summer Comes' is a song that depicts the thrill of the long-awaited summer as soon as the voice of a loved one is heard. Not only does it make the most of the exciting yet overwhelming summer atmosphere, but it also presents Oh My Girl's unique feel-good energy.

Regarding the music video shoot, Yubin said, “It was the first time I shot a music video where the main storyline was filmed. It felt more active than before. There were many scenes of lip-syncing while digesting various actions. Laughter kept bursting out in the group scene because it was unfamiliar to the members acting. There was a lot of NG,” he laughed. Mimi picked the zombie scene as a memorable scene. Mimi said, "The people who appeared in 'My School Now' acted as zombies" and added, "They acted realistically. He acted really scary,” he said about the behind-the-scenes shooting.

Mimi is receiving a lot of love through tvN's 'Hopping Earth Arcade' series. Mimi laughed, saying, "(Thanks to the success of the variety show), I am living my life without being immersed in a sense of responsibility or happiness." “Not only me, but the members are doing well in each field. I have anticipation that Oh My Girl will love them as much as that, and I also feel that I need to work harder and harder. Thank you,” he said. “I have grown a lot as a person. From infancy to growth,” he added, drawing laughter.

This album includes the title song 'I Hear Summer', 'Celebrate', 'My Type', 'Dirty Laundry', 'Paradise', 'Miracle'. Up to 6 tracks were included.

Oh My Girl's 9th mini album 'Golden Hourglass' will be released on the 24th at 6pm.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google