How was Jungkook's 'Seven' global craze possible?
How was Jungkook's 'Seven' global craze possible?
BTS member Jungkook's first solo single 'Seven (feat. Latto)' dominated all three major Billboard charts on the 25th. Jungkook, who went directly to the top of the Billboard'Hot 100' with BTS''Dynamite', even ranked 'Seven' at the top of this chart, becoming an artist who went straight to the top of the Billboard'Hot 100' both as a team and as an individual.

In the K-pop industry, there are three main reasons for Jungkook's 'Seven' achievement.

First of all, it seems that a sophisticated localization strategy worked in the mainland of pop music. Hive and Big Hit Music kept the tastes of American fans in mind throughout the production process of 'Seven'. The latest pop with English lyrics added with the trendy 'UK garage style' has thrown the odds. Recording was also done in the US. The production team, led by Hive Chairman Bang Shi-hyuk and Grammy Award-winning producer Andrew Watt, worked with Jungkook in real time in the US to improve the song's perfection. The industry analyzes, "The fact that he was able to communicate and work with the world's top producer for a long time is proof that the American pop music industry has recognized Jungkook as a 'global pop star'."

The latest pop game is also received as a shock in the American pop music market. Before 'Seven' appeared, American country singer Morgan Wallen had been in power for 14 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's 'Hot 100'. Aside from Wallen, most of the songs that reached the top were country genres. It overtook country, 'the most American genre', as the most sophisticated pop music at once.

In the industry, the fact that Hive's global multi-label strategy, which entered the US by establishing Hive America, is starting to bear fruit is also cited as a success factor. Scooter Brown, CEO of Hive America, the founder of Ithaca Holdings, which was acquired by Hive, worked closely together during the production process of 'Seven', from song supply to featuring artist Latto. Scooter Braun's advice played a big role in releasing 'Seven' as a remix of various versions.

On top of that, Jungkook's sense as an artist and his pioneering mind also became a factor in his success. Jungkook revealed that as soon as he heard 'Seven' for the first time, he decided, "I have to do this." The first time Jungkook encountered 'Seven' was at the beginning of this year. And it was around March when I finally picked it up as my first solo single. After going through a lightning-fast production process, in just four months, they improved the perfection of music and performance and achieved the great feat of sweeping the Billboard'Hot 100' straight away. An industry insider analyzed, "BTS member Jungkook's potential as a global star blossomed when he met 'Seven'."

As 'Seven' went straight to No. 1 on Billboard's 'Hot 100' at once, in the K-pop industry, there is an evaluation that "Billboard's check was pierced with skill." Billboard changed its ranking method from the beginning of this month. The main point is to exclude the number of digital downloads on the artist's official website. It was an unfavorable condition for artists active outside of the United States and, moreover, for K-pop artists with a high number of downloads on their official website thanks to their strong fandom. Billboard does not make an official comment on the counting method, but that is why there is an analysis that it is for K-pop check.

In addition, Jungkook's 'Seven' dominated the Billboard 'Hot 100' by recording an explosive number of streams based on the popularity of the song itself, even in a different way.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google