Group The Boyz's title song is 'Lip Gloss'
Group The Boyz's title song is 'Lip Gloss'
Group THE BOYZ is making a comeback with the new song 'LIP GLOSS'.

At 0:00 on the 2nd, The Boyz released the tracklist image of all songs from their 2nd regular album 'PHANTASY' Part 1 'Christmas In August' through their official SNS. In the released image, a total of 6 new songs, including the comeback title song 'LIP GLOSS', were unveiled and raised expectations.

In this album, a line of prominent global producers who worked on representative songs of popular K-pop artists such as BTS, Le Seraphim, and NCT DREAM participated to enhance the album's completeness. In addition, many members, including Q, Sunwoo, and Eric, contributed to adding The Boyz's own color by writing lyrics for most of the songs on the album.

Among them, the title song 'Lip Gloss' is a 'summer carol song' with conceptual lyrics and a soft yet addictive melody. Members Sunwoo and Eric jointly participated in writing the lyrics for this song, where you can feel The Boyz's unique energy through the combination of house and synth-pop genres.

Also, 'Passion Fruit', a song with a special unit composition that stands out, is a new unit song released after 'Scar' and 'Goodbye', which were released on the 1st regular album 'REVEAL'. , You can expect various unit combinations in the forthcoming 'fantasy' trilogy.

In addition, 'Lighthouse', a song that reveals The Boyz's intense and colorful vocal colors, 'Fire Eyes' with lyrics full of excitement, 'There is nothing more splendid than fireworks reflected in your eyes', and a refreshing piano-centered sound and rich harmony. Even the outstanding song 'Fairy Tale' contains six stories under the theme of 'Christmas in August'.

It will be released on the 7th at 6pm.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google