Group DAY6 Young K holds first solo concert
Group DAY6 Young K holds first solo concert
DAY6 Young K (Young K) will hold his first solo concert under his own name following the release of his first solo regular album.

Young K will release his first regular album 'Letters with notes' on September 4 at 6:00 pm and visit his fans. JYP Entertainment (hereafter referred to as JYP) posted an announcement image on its official SNS channel at noon on July 31st and announced the news of Young K's welcome comeback, followed by opening the scheduler and introducing the teasing plan on August 1st.

According to this scheduler, reminiscent of sheet music, Young K will hold his first solo concert <Letters with notes> for three days from September 1st to 3rd. Details on the performance will be released sequentially in the future.
Group DAY6 Young K holds first solo concert
Group DAY6 Young K holds first solo concert
Starting with the album trailer on August 14, Young K will release the tracklist on the 16th, the lyric spoiler on the 17th and 20th, the vocals only medley on the 21st, and the documentary teaser on the 22nd. In particular, prior to the official release of the album, songs from the new album will be released as pre-release singles to heat up the comeback atmosphere.

A pre-released single teaser on the 23rd, a pre-released single music video teaser on the 24th, and a pre-released single music video and music video will be unveiled at 6pm on the 25th. Then, various contents such as concept photos on the 26th and 28th, live album sampler on the 29th, music video teaser for the title song on the 30th, and episode 1 of a documentary on the 31st will be released.

Young K, who debuted with DAY6 in September 2015, participated in writing lyrics and composing for each album, creating numerous famous songs such as 'It Was Pretty', 'To Become One Page', and 'Zombie', and became a 'Trust' and Listen DAY6'. helped to obtain the modifier. In August 2020, he joined DAY6's first unit, DAY6 (Even of Day), along with Wonpil and Dowoon.

Young K was discharged in April of this year with the modifier 'first idol singer's KATUSA Soldier', and since June 19, he has been the DJ of KBS Cool FM's 'Kiss the Radio', communicating with listeners with stable hosting skills and warm empathy . He is active in various fields, such as appearing on the stage of various outdoor festivals and showing off his musicianship.

The new album 'Letters with notes' is the first full-length album released as a solo artist in about two years since the mini-album vol.1 'Eternal' in September 2021, and you can meet Young K's deep musical capabilities.

Released on September 4th at 6pm.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google