Group VANNER, comeback officially announced their comeback
Group VANNER, comeback officially announced their comeback
VANNER, the winning team of 'Peak Time', officially announced their comeback in the music industry on August 21st.

In the coming soon image released on the official channel on the 1st, the white flag with the group name and the refreshing blue sky were unveiled along with the phrases officially announcing VANNER's comeback.

The image of Coming Soon draws attention as it contains the phrase 'VENI VIDI VICI' in Latin. This phrase means 'I have come, I have seen, I have won!', and it means VANNER's splendid comeback and strong determination to plant the flag of victory in order to reach the destination of the summit.

The group name of VANNER is a compound word of 'Victory' meaning victory and 'Banner' meaning flag, which means that we will move towards the top and plant the flag of victory. Through this comeback, VANNER (Banner) foretells a strong will to come out with songs with a unique concept and distinct identity.

VANNER consists of members who went through an average of 5 years of training, and is a talented group that has accumulated various stage experiences through more than 200 live performances in Japan and 14 American city tours before their official debut. In the JTBC survival program 'Peak Time', which ended last April, they appeared as the 11 o'clock team and were selected as the final winning team, and their skills and charms were recognized.

VANNER will release a new album on August 21st at 6pm through various music sites.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google