ONF held their first fan meeting after being discharged
ONF held their first fan meeting after being discharged
The group ONF delivered a passionate impression at their first fan meeting after all members were discharged from the military.

On the 29th, ONF held a fan meeting 'BE HERE NOW' at Kwangwoon University's Donghae Culture and Arts Center. This performance was held twice a day, and the second performance was also broadcast live online to meet more fans.

On that day, ONF enthusiastically sang 'Popping' and started the fan meeting vigorously. The audience responded with enthusiastic cheers. ONF, who delivered their welcome greetings, showed off their dance skills that did not rust during the military service with the dance challenge corner, as well as a cool stage to beat the heat with 'Sukhumvit Swimming' and 'Complete (The Moment I Met You)'. presented

The ON team (Hyojin, E-Seon, MK) presented 'Secret Triangle' and the OFF team (J-Us, Wyatt, U) presented 'Thermometer' with ideas that the members came up with, changing each other's unit songs to create a special song. set the stage In the first part, 'Moscow Moscow' and 'Why', and in the second part, 'ITILU' and 'We Must Love' were staged, and the set list for each episode was composed differently to add richness.

Various corners were held together and communicated more closely with fans. They revealed the 'Best 5 Song Awards' selected by fans themselves, and showed off each song live without accompaniment to arouse admiration.

On the stage that followed, they boasted outstanding live performances and performances with 'Ugly Dance' and 'Beautiful Beautiful', raising the heat of the performance by causing a chorus. Accordingly, the stage of the new unreleased song "BE HERE NOW" and the new song "Your Song" released during the military service was unveiled for the first time, and a message to the fans who had been waiting for a long time was included in the song as a gift of enthusiasm.

At the end of the performance, ONF said, "I was moved to tears while listening to 'Your Song' while on duty. I wanted to get discharged quickly and sing with Fuse.” “Thank you for waiting, you may get tired of talking about it, but thank you again”, “It’s a pity that there are no words to express this feeling. no words are enough Fuses are an indispensable existence for us,” he added, conveying his sincere heart.

They also shared happiness, saying, “But what’s even better is that (you) have no reason to wait”, “Now ONF will take responsibility”, “(This heart) will be shown in the next album”, “Like the lyrics of the song, now Let's sing all night", "I will work harder so that it can be 'see you every day' instead of 'see you tomorrow'." Then, with the first part 'Popping' and the second part 'BE HERE NOW', the encore left a lasting impression and decorated the splendid finale.

It is the first solo performance held by all Korean members after being discharged, boasting stronger teamwork and love for fans, and ONF, which opened the second act, is raising expectations for the next move. After finishing the fan meeting, ONF is currently preparing for a new album, as well as planning to continue their activities in various fields.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google