Mamamoo+, making a comeback with 'DangDang', will show a rabbit dance in 2023
Mamamoo+, making a comeback with 'DangDang', will show a rabbit dance in 2023
Mamamoo+ (Mamamoo Plus) presents the highly addictive '2023 Rabbit Dance' through a new song.

Mamamoo+ (Solar, Moonbyul) uploaded a music video teaser for the title song 'dangdang' of their 1st mini album 'TWO RABBITS' (Two Rabbits) on their official YouTube channel at midnight today (31st).

In the video, Mamamoo+ embraces various charms with a style transformation. On top of the bouncing sound, the members' free-spirited energy and lively choreography harmonized to add to the fun of watching. They presented highly addictive point choreography expressing the appearance of making rabbit ears with both hands or shaking their heads.

The title song 'dangdang' is a song that tells the story of a 'dangdang'-like you running around in your head and making your head ring 'dangdang'. Mamamoo+'s lively summer song, Solar and Moonbyul participated in the songwriting and added their unique wit.

The 1st mini album 'TWO RABBITS' is an album that contains Mamamoo+'s ambition to satisfy both the popularity and the needs of fans. In celebration of the year of the rabbit, Solar and Moonbyul transform into 'two rabbits' and showcase Mamamoo+'s unique musical spectrum.

Mamamoo+'s 1st mini album 'TWO RABBITS' will be released on August 3rd at 6pm on each music site.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google