SM's new 7-member boy group 'Rise' to debut in September
SM's new 7-member boy group 'Rise' to debut in September
SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM), which is at the center of the topic in the music industry in 2023, will make a surprise debut in September with another newcomer, boy group 'RIIZE'.

The group name Rise is a combination of 'Rise' meaning 'to grow' and 'Realize' which means 'to realize', and contains the meaning of 'a team that grows together and realizes dreams'.

In addition, Ryze said that it is expected to write a new history in the music industry based on the 'real-time odyssey (growth history)' consisting of seven elite members who have both skills and visuals, and members with their own personalities and strengths as a team. .

In particular, Ryze presents 'Emotional Pop', an independent genre that expresses their various emotions in songs, and 'Emotional Pop Rookie', which captures inspiration from all everyday experiences in music, is loved by everyone in the world. He has aspirations to realize his dream by growing into an 'emotional pop artist' that evokes sympathy from people.

Ryze will open an official Instagram account tomorrow (August 1st) at 0:00, revealing all members for the first time, as well as presenting a variety of contents that can meet Ryze's special charm, taking the first step toward a full-fledged debut. Subsequently, explosive interest from global fans is expected to be focused.

Rise is a rookie group launched by SM about 3 years after aespa, and a boy group launched about 7 years after NCT, so the performance of SM's NEW IP is raising expectations.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google