Hugh Jackman expresses his thoughts on visiting Korea for the 6th time
Hugh Jackman expresses his thoughts on visiting Korea for the 6th time
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman expressed their feelings about visiting Korea.

On the 4th, a press conference for the movie 'Deadpool and Wolverine' was held in Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Director Sean Levy and actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman attended.

'Deadpool and Wolverine' is an action blockbuster that unfolds as Deadpool, who has been living as an ordinary used car dealer after retiring from his career as a hero, faces an unexpected and huge crisis and visits Wolverine, who is his opposite in every way. It is a new work in the 'Deadpool' series that has written a new history for R-rated hero movies, including recording box office profits of $1.56 billion worldwide and achieving the highest opening score ever for a domestic Marvel contract film.

Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool. In the play, after retiring from his career as a hero, Deadpool lives as Wade Wilson, an ordinary used car dealer, and is dragged away by armed Time Allocation Agency (TVA) agents during a birthday party with his friends. After learning that he could lose not only the life he has built but also the precious people around him, he dons the Deadpool suit again and visits Wolverine to prevent this.

Hugh Jackman played Wolverine. In the play, Wolverine was once the best 'X-Man' who saved the world, but after an incident, he wanders around, losing his will to live. Meanwhile, Deadpool, who is his opposite in every way, comes to visit. At first, he ignores Deadpool's requests for help, but after persistent and heartfelt persuasion, he decides to team up with Deadpool.

This is Hugh Jackman's third visit to Korea and Hugh Jackman's sixth. Hugh Jackman said, "I'm happy to be back in Seoul. It's my sixth visit, and I enjoy it every time I come to Korea. I'm happy to be able to introduce this movie to you. It's a movie that means a lot to us." Ryan Reynolds said, "My daughter's best friend is from Korea. Since I'm such a terrible hero, I left my daughter behind and came to Korea. I came to such a beautiful city, and I went to Gocheok Dome yesterday and it was a great baseball dome. I leave with only good impressions. “He greeted. Director Sean Levy, who was visiting Korea for the first time, said, “Many of my films were released in Korea, but this is my first time coming to Korea.”

Regarding this visit, Hugh Jackman said, "I don't know if you know, but I used to be Seoul's Goodwill Ambassador (PR Ambassador). I don't know how long my term was, but I still consider myself a Goodwill Ambassador. Especially with this movie, I have been working sincerely for 25 years. “I’m excited to play this role and bring my dream project to life with my best friends, Ryan and Sean. I never thought I’d be playing Wolverine again, but I did it with my heart.”

Ryan Reynolds said, "I had to endure a lot while creating the character of Deadpool, this series, and this movie. It took 10 years to make the first movie. It was rewarding and happy to see it released. Seeing it become popular around the world. “I was thrilled,” he said. Also, "I have been in the process of making a movie with my close friends for the past 6 years, and it was not easy to get them to participate in this movie. I also talked to Marvel about the direction of the movie that would combine the worldviews of X-Men and Deadpool. It was surprising." They say we are close friends, but many Hollywood actors may not be so, but we live close together and I love them more than my brothers. “I felt that I could do it if I pushed forward with confidence and belief. This is something that the fans and I have wanted for a long time.”

‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ will be released on the 24th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google