‘PROJECT SILENCE’ starring Lee Sun-kyun and Ju Ji-hoon will be screened in 4DX format
‘PROJECT SILENCE’ starring Lee Sun-kyun and Ju Ji-hoon will be screened in 4DX format
The movie 'PROJECT SILENCE' confirmed its screening in 4DX special format and released its poster.

'PROJECT SILENCE' is a disaster survival thrill that tells the story of a series of collisions in a thick fog and the story of people fighting to the extreme to survive from out-of-control military lab dogs released on the Airport Bridge, which is on the verge of collapse. 'PROJECT SILENCE' confirmed to be screened in 4DX special format. The 4DX format, which vividly conveys the impact of a realistic serial collision accident unfolding inside a vehicle and the tremors of the collapsing airport bridge, and adds an acrid scent effect and dense fog effect, more vividly embodies the constantly approaching serial disaster situation, making it as if it is for the audience. It will provide an immersive feeling as if you are in the middle of the Gonghang Bridge on the verge of collapse and a special experience that can only be experienced in a theater.

The 'PROJECT SILENCE' 4DX poster released together attracts attention with a composition reminiscent of the Airport Bridge on the verge of collapse, while realistically capturing the precarious disaster scene. In a thick fog where it is impossible to guess what is ahead, the special forces who monitor the movements of 'Echo', a military test dog who may appear at any time and where, and the procession of survivors moving carefully, relying on the small light they shine, create tension. Among the survivors looking out in all directions, the shattered guardrails and the remains of cars make the airport bridge look like a ruin, giving an idea of the worst serial disaster in history.

'PROJECT SILENCE' is attracting attention due to the collaboration of the best production teams in Korea, leading the Korean film industry, led by director Kim Tae-gon, who is in charge of directing. Director Kim Yong-hwa of the 'Along with the Gods' series was in charge of production, and cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo, who represents the Korean film industry, including 'Deliver Us from Evil', 'Parasite', and 'The Wailing', participated to capture the disaster scene in a dynamic and dramatic way. In addition, Dexter Studio, a VFX company such as the 'Victory' and 'Along with the Gods' series, joins in to realistically capture spectacular disaster situations such as helicopter crashes, tanker explosions, and bridge collapses, as well as the movements of experimental dogs attacking survivors.

'PROJECT SILENCE', which has confirmed to be screened in 4DX special format, will be available in theaters nationwide on July 12th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google