'NIGHT FISHING' starring Son Seok-gu was introduced on BBC
'NIGHT FISHING' starring Son Seok-gu was introduced on BBC
The movie 'Night Fishing' was introduced on Talking Movies, a movie introduction program of the BBC, a leading overseas media outlet.

Talking Movies is the BBC's historic film introduction program that has been hosted by journalist Tom Brook since 1999. It is a highly influential program that features interviews with renowned filmmakers from around the world, including director Martin Scorsese, in addition to movie introductions. In 2022, interviews with Korean filmmakers such as Park Chan-wook, directors Choi Dong-hoon, and actor Ryu Seung-ryong were aired on the topic of expanding the influence of Korean films.

In this special Korean film episode of Talking Movies, we covered 'Night Fishing', which introduced a short film that was unusual in the program's history and proposed a new format called a snack movie in the Korean film industry along with an innovative story. It is known that the BBC has shown continued interest even before this domestic release by inviting the movie 'Fishing at Night' to the Fantasia International Film Festival and screening Chef Dance, the representative program of the Sundance Film Festival.

In the episode aired on the 22nd, the movie 'Night Fishing', which uses a fresh directing technique that captures the perspective of a car camera, was highlighted as a new attempt in the Korean film industry. An interview with co-producer and actor Son Seok-gu and director Moon Byeong-gon of the movie 'Night Fishing' was exposed. Actor Son Seok-gu said, "I wanted to create a completely new type of movie that would suit the tastes of the younger generation, and I thought that through 'Night Fishing' I could show that the concept of movies is much bigger than we think." . Director Byeong-gon Moon said, "'Night Fishing' is part of an attempt by Korean storytellers to use technology to capture the hearts of the public, and thinking about new ways to tell stories seems to lead to innovation." The full episode of BBC Talking Movies featuring 'Night Fishing' was aired on the 22nd and 23rd and can also be viewed on the BBC's official website.

'Fishing at Night' is a humanistic thriller about a mysterious incident that takes place at an electric vehicle charging station in the dark of night, and is being shown at CGV for 1,000 won in its second week of release. 'Night Fishing' set a record of close to 60% in average seat sales for the first three days of its release in Korea.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google