'Inside Out 2' surpasses 1 million views on the 4th day of release
'Inside Out 2' surpasses 1 million views on the 4th day of release
'Inside Out 2' exceeded 1 million viewers on the 4th day of its release.

'Inside Out 2' is an animation film about the crisis and adventure that begins again as unfamiliar emotions such as anxiety, embarrassment, boredom, and envy appear in the emotional control center of 13-year-old Riley's head, breaking her peaceful daily life. Based on the Korean Film Council's integrated computer network, the cumulative number of viewers was 1,028,363 at 11:40 am on June 15, exceeding 1 million viewers in just 4 days of release.

'Inside Out 2' is a sequel to 'Inside Out' that returns after 9 years, and is receiving favorable reviews for presenting a richer and more colorful story than the previous film based on the novel imagination of new emotions coming to 'Riley' as she enters puberty. . The warm message of comfort delivered through new emotions resonates with all generations and is gaining popularity through word of mouth.

'Inside Out 2' surpassed 1 million viewers at the fastest rate among foreign films released in 2024. This is 5 days faster than 'Wonka', which had the record of exceeding 1 million in the shortest period of time among foreign films this year (9 days). In addition, this is a faster record than the 7th day when the previous work 'Inside Out' (2015) exceeded 1 million viewers, and the 11th day when 'Elemental' (2023), the highest-grossing Pixar film in Korea, exceeded 1 million viewers.

‘Inside Out 2’ is currently showing in theaters nationwide.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google