Son Ye-jin is selected as the main character of BIFAN's 'Actor Special Exhibition' of the Year
Son Ye-jin is selected as the main character of BIFAN's 'Actor Special Exhibition' of the Year
The 28th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as BIFAN, Executive Chairman Shin Cheol) selected Son Ye-jin as the protagonist of this year's 'Actor Special Exhibition'.

Actress Son Ye-jin, who captivated the public with her own aura and charm in numerous characters across various genres, became the main character of the 28th BIFAN 'Actor Special Exhibition'. Since 2017, BIFAN has been holding an 'Actor Special Exhibition' by selecting representative contemporary actors who are leading the current Korean film industry. Following Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Woo-sung, Kim Hye-soo, Sol Kyung-gu, and Choi Min-sik, the star of this year's 'Actor Special Exhibition' is Son Ye-jin. ‘Unrivaled. Unrivaled.’ summarizes his brilliant achievements in one word. This special exhibition, which will be held under the title 'Son Ye-jin', will focus on Son Ye-jin's 23 years of acting through various events such as the publication of a commemorative booklet for the actress, a mega talk, and a photo exhibition. Son Ye-jin is also scheduled to stand on the red carpet at the opening ceremony of this year's BIFAN.

Son Ye-jin, who has emerged as one of Korea's leading actors through movies and dramas, has broadened her acting spectrum and captivated the public with her powerful colors. 'Sim Soo-in' in 'Romance Novel' (2002), who was confused between love and friendship, 'Classic' (2003), where she played the two main characters 'Ji-hye and Joo-hee' in a cheerful yet tragic love, and sad love while losing her memories. She played Soo-jin in 'The Eraser in My Head' (2004) and was loved by the audience as an icon of first love by playing a clear and pure character. In addition, Joo Joo in ‘The Best of Work’ (2005), where she played Han Ji-won, a seasoned romantic player, and Joo Joo in ‘My Wife Got Married’ (2008), where she played the role of a sassy wife married to two husbands. He showed off his own irreplaceable characters, such as Yeo-ri in 'Chilling Romance' (2011) and Yeo-wol in 'Pirates: Bandits Who Went to the Sea' (2014), where he played an exciting pirate. She received attention for her new acting transformation in 'No Secrets' (2016), where she played the hysterical Yeonhong, engulfed in madness and anger. In 'Princess Deokhye' (2016), the joys and sorrows of a princess who lost her homeland were elegantly depicted and resonated deeply.

Actress Son Ye-jin, who has created her own character across a variety of genres, has also received many awards at home and abroad. In addition to the Prime Minister's Citation at the 9th Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards, the Grand Bell Awards 3 times (40th, 51st, 53rd), the Baeksang Arts Awards 6 times (39th, 43, 45, 46, 53, 56th), and the Blue Dragon Film Awards 5 times (24th) ·28, 29, 31, 37 times) and the Korean Association of Film Critics Award twice (22nd, 36th times). In particular, she has been recognized for her acting skills overseas, such as receiving the Best Actress Award at the 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival for 'Going Out' and the Best Actress Award at the 15th China Golden Feather Festival for 'The Eraser in My Head', representing Korea both in name and reality. She has established herself as an unrivaled actress. Recently, director Park Chan-wook's appearance in a new film was confirmed, raising expectations for the meeting of the best director and actor.

BIFAN programmer Mo Eun-yeong said the reason for selection was, "Son Ye-jin is a representative actress of the 21st century with unrivaled charm who has broken away from stereotypes and created her own character by covering various genres through movies and dramas." In addition, he asked for interest, saying, “This will be an opportunity to discover the deep acting world of the actor who has shown new aspects every time with passionate acting regardless of work or genre.” Regarding being selected as the main character of this year's BIFAN 'Actor Special Exhibition', Son Ye-jin said, "I am deeply touched to be holding a special exhibition following in the footsteps of my respected seniors. I am grateful for creating such a glorious moment in the life of an actor."

The 28th BIFAN will be held in Bucheon City from July 4th to 14th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google