Ha Seok-jin plays the role of a track and field athlete.
Ha Seok-jin plays the role of a track and field athlete.
Actor Ha Seok-jin was cast in the movie 'Sprint'.

The movie 'Sprint', which is scheduled to start in early May, tells the story of Goo Young, a sprinter who is at the end of his prime and burning his last flame.

Ha Seok-jin played the role of sprinter Kang Gu-young. In the play, Kang Gu-young is a character who, contrary to expectations, after breaking the Korean record for the 100-meter run in track and field, which had not been broken for 30 years, 10 years have passed and at the end of his prime, he no longer enjoys running and regrets the path he has taken. Kang Gu-young is a character created with the motif of Kim Kook-young, the new record holder in Korean track and field and who achieved the feat of winning a bronze medal in the 400m relay for the first time in 37 years.

Ha Seok-jin has appeared in the dramas 'Sad Love Story', 'The Legendary Witch', 'Drinking Man and Woman', 'Self-Luminous Office', 'Your House Helper', 'When I Was the Prettiest', 'Blind', and the movie 'After School Rooftop'. , ‘Who slept with her?’, ‘Unstoppable Marriage’, ‘Summer, Whisper’, and ‘Like Me’, he showed off his delicate and three-dimensional acting skills. In addition, he went beyond the image of a sexy man with a brain built up through domestic entertainment programs and won the title of winner of 'Devil's Plan'. Recently, he completed an overseas tour fan meeting and is also working as a global hotel brand ambassador.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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