Kim Go-eun was worried about seeing a ghost while filming 'Exhuma'
Kim Go-eun was worried about seeing a ghost while filming 'Exhuma'
Kim Go-eun expressed her gratitude for the evaluation that she had ‘contacted’.

On the 26th, I met Kim Go-eun, who appeared in the movie 'Exhuma', at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

'Exhuma' is an occult mystery film that tells the story of strange events that happen to a geomancer, undertaker, and shaman who receive a large amount of money to relocate a suspicious tomb. Kim Go-eun played the role of Hwarim, a shaman who appeases vengeful spirits.

Kim Go-eun is being evaluated as having ‘made contact’ with her realistic acting as a shaman. He said, "It's a pleasant evaluation. I'm glad. Because I didn't know much about shamanism, I was worried that it would be expressed awkwardly. I felt relieved when they gave me that evaluation." He continued, "Rather than feeling like I was in contact, when filming the exorcism scene, the people playing the gongs and drums hit harder and heightened the atmosphere, which made me more excited and fighting. I felt energized and excited." I was grateful to those who helped me.

Kim Go-eun laughed, saying, “As I was performing a good deed or chanting a scripture, I was worried, ‘What will I do if I receive a real god?’” He continued, "I was worried that I might see a ghost. I like programs like late-night ghost stories. When I watch those shows, it's so easy to see a ghost at some point, and then keep seeing it again and again. I thought, 'What if something like that happens to me?' He said, ‘No, you won’t be able to see it.’ If that’s the case, I said I would work harder.”

When asked if there were any scary scenes while filming, he replied, "The scene was pleasant. I had never seen a slaughtered pig before, so it was fascinating, and while watching the actual fire-making scene, I thought that our special effects team for the movie was the best." He continued, "I didn't think there was anything in our field that said that there would be scary episodes when filming an occult movie. I learned something during a promotional interview not long ago. The director said that the staff members got sick after the scene where the soul-calling scripture was written. Food for ancestral rites. "It is said that the staff ate it and a stye started to form. The horn-calling scene was the most stressful scene for me, so I had no idea about it at the time and was surprised to find out later."

'Exhuma' was released on the 22nd and set a record of exceeding 2 million viewers in the shortest period of time among this year's released films.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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