'Again 1997' starring Jo Byeong-gyu will be released in March.
'Again 1997' starring Jo Byeong-gyu will be released in March.
The movie ‘Again 1997’ will be released in March. Along with the release confirmation, the poster for ‘I Want to Go Back’ was released.

'Again 1997' is an N-th regression fantasy depicting a man's life reform project that began when he returned to his best days as a high school student in 1997, when a man acquires five amulets that send him back to 'those times' he regrets at the moment of his death.

As proven by the 'Reply' series, which caused a box office hit, 'Again 1997' explains that it will stimulate the audience's nostalgia with the unique retro sensibility of that era, set in 1997. Under the setting of the movie's main theme of regression, the fantasy elements of five deaths and the opportunity to change fate, the strong chemistry between friends, which is the strength of school movies, and the fun of a complex genre with hidden twists, action, thriller, and melodrama mixed in. It is said that it has even. Here, the message is thrown, ‘If you could live your life again, would you be able to turn back the past?’

Jo Byeong-gyu, who made his presence known through the dramas 'SKY Castle', 'Stove League', 'Amazing Gossip', and the movie 'Girl Cops', returns to high school but gives a sly performance as Wooseok, a man in his 40s at heart. A member of the group iKON and a member of the drama 'Look! Koo Jun-hoe, who is also active as an actor in 'Deborah' and 'Sparkling Watermelon', plays the role of Bong-gyun, Wooseok's best friend and Slam Dunk fanatic. Choi Hee-seung, who gained popularity through the web drama 'Love Playlist', completes the trio of goal-scoring characters as Ji-seong, a simple and loyal friend who loves having fun. Han Eun-soo, a newcomer with an innocent appearance and powerful eyes that contradict each other, plays the role of Jimin, Woo-seok's junior in the theater class, his first love, and who controls his future fate, and becomes the center of the big events that occur in the play. In addition to these young actors, trustworthy actors Park Cheol-min and Lee Mi-do, along with Kim Da-hyun, who recently worked as an actor in the drama 'Moving' and a musical, add to the level of perfection. Director Shin Seung-hoon, who worked as an assistant director on ‘An Act of God’ and ‘I Am King,’ took charge of directing.

‘Again 1997’ will be released in March.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google