Lee Do-hyun "I have both talent and good looks"
Lee Do-hyun "I have both talent and good looks"
Lee Do-hyun, who is currently serving in the military, shared his thoughts on filming his screen debut film ‘Exhuma’ through a video.

On the 17th, a production briefing session for the movie ‘Exhuma’ was held at The Plaza Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Director Jang Jae-hyeon and actors Choi Min-sik, Kim Go-eun, and Yoo Hae-jin attended.

'Exhuma' is an occult mystery that tells the story of strange events that happen to geomancers, undertakers, and shamans who relocate suspicious tombs in exchange for a large amount of money. Choi Min-sik played the role of Sang-deok, a geomancer with 40 years of experience in finding and selling land in the eight provinces of Joseon. Kim Go-eun played Hwarim, a shaman who appeases vengeful spirits. Yoo Hae-jin played the role of Yeong-geun, a veteran undertaker who even hates the president. Lee Do-hyeon, who played the role of Bong-gil, the shaman who recited the scriptures, was unable to attend that day due to military service.

Lee Do-hyun said hello through video. He introduced the character by saying, “You can say that he is a shaman of the ‘MZ generation’, a young man these days who has not only the skills but also the looks.” He added, “Bong-gil’s indispensable role was to reliably protect Hwa-rim like a bodyguard.” “Shaman duo Bong-gil and Hwa-rim get caught up in a strange incident while moving a tomb with an evil spirit in order to make a lot of money. “Please see what the reality of the incident is and how it progresses,” he said, pointing out the key points to watch. He also predicted, “You will be able to see my new acting that was not seen in my previous works.”

‘Exhuma’ is scheduled to be released in February.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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