Ra Mi-ran "'Citizen Deok-hee' is the longest-awaited work"
Ra Mi-ran "'Citizen Deok-hee' is the longest-awaited work"
Ra Mi-ran revealed that she had been waiting for a long time for the release of the movie ‘Citizen Deok-hee’.

On the 16th, I met Ra Mi-ran, the protagonist of the movie ‘Citizen Deok-hee’, at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

'Citizen Deok-hee' is a chase drama that unfolds when Deok-hee, an ordinary citizen who has been subjected to voice phishing, receives a rescue request from Jae-min, a member of the scam organization. It is based on the true story of Kim Seong-ja, a laundromat owner in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, who contributed to catching the leader of voice phishing in 2016. Ra Mi-ran played the role of Deok-hee, who meticulously gathered clues to recover all the money she lost through voice phishing.

‘Citizen Deok-hee’ has already cranked up in December 2020. It was originally scheduled to be released the following year, but the release was delayed due to the aftermath of COVID-19. Ra Mi-ran confessed, "It felt like I was being pushed around here and there, and I thought about putting it off because the movie wasn't coming out well. Also, as I looked at the appropriate release time, it kept getting postponed little by little." He then expressed his affection for the work, saying, "This is the work I've been waiting for the longest. Until now, it was released almost immediately after filming, but this is the first time I've waited for such a long time." He also expressed his gratitude to the audience, saying, “Isn’t it fortunate that the number of people visiting the theater has increased?”

Ra Mi-ran recalled, "I only filmed 'Citizen Deok-hee' in 2020. It wasn't easy because the coronavirus was in full swing during filming. I filmed a summer scene wearing short sleeves in the cold winter."

This work is based on a true story. Ra Mi-ran said, “I was very surprised. It turns out that you actually reported it.” He continued, "That person (the real-life character who was the motif) came to the preview. He had a podium. He said he felt unfair when talking about it." He also expressed relief, saying, "It's a movie, so I hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable even if there are parts that are different from reality. Fortunately, I heard that you enjoyed the movie." He said, "In my case, when it comes to works that have original works, I don't look at the original work. On the contrary, it gets eroded when I act. I act thinking that it is a work that is far from the original work."

‘Citizen Deokhee’ will be released on the 24th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google