MZ Pick ‘Secret I Want to Tell’, sales rate of 66.5% ‘unusual’
MZ Pick ‘Secret I Want to Tell’, sales rate of 66.5% ‘unusual’
The movie 'The Secret I Want to Tell' surpassed 70,000 cumulative viewers on Christmas Day on the 25th, boasting a seat sales rate of 66.5%.

‘The Secret I Want to Tell’ is a teen romance between Setoyama, everyone’s ideal type, and Nozomi, a timid high school girl. It depicts their fresh love that unexpectedly began one day with a confession letter that was delivered incorrectly.

The film is continuing its explosive box office success, reaching a cumulative audience of 70,000 just 13 days after its release, and is showing its box office spirit by re-entering the top 10 in the peak season box office. In particular, on Christmas Day on the 25th, the seat sales rate was 66.5%, surpassing the highest box office hit of the year, 'Spring in Seoul'.

In particular, the official said that this film is receiving passionate love from audiences in their 10s and 20s, and is causing the unusual phenomenon of expanding to theaters in the third week of its release amid a steady box office performance with seat sales rising every day.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google