Director's 'Some Thoughts' towards the late Sulli's posthumous film '4: Clean Island'
Director's 'Some Thoughts' towards the late Sulli's posthumous film '4: Clean Island'
Ahead of its release on Netflix on the 13th, directors Kim Ji-hye and Hwang Soo-ah of the short feature film '4: Clean Island', the first episode of Persona Sulli, sent 'Some Feelings' to viewers.


Persona is a project that originally started with the intention of having one actor act as the persona of several directors. When he meets Sulli (Jinri Choi) for the same project, the roles are reversed. At least that was the case for the two directors (Kim Ji-hye and Hwang Soo-ah) who told the first story of ‘Persona: Sulli’.

I was overwhelmed and drawn to her. I tried to travel beyond her perfectly beautiful ‘outside’. There were no walls, and she quickly showed her feelings. In a mind that is no different from mine, questions and answers coexist. But there was no right answer to anything. Her heart is like our heart, perhaps yours. It was the same.

# Mind 'What is the heart...'

'4: Clean Island' began with the story of Sulli's dream. Of all the answers to the question ‘What is desire?’, it was the most like her. The number '4' was engraved on someone's body, and I thought, 'That's mine, but why is it written on that person's body?' As I approached with that feeling, I realized that it wasn't '4' but 'me', and that's it. It's a dream.

That dream brought a special pig with the stamp '4' to the author's heart. And I made 'me' embrace in the pig's heart. Many hearts were lifted during that journey of the heart. From cynical views on human selfishness and the food system, existence and absence, relationships and the desire to become better. The heart that is 4's heart, her heart, my heart, and your heart. What is the mind? I don't know. There is only one thing we can guess.

In everyone's heart, there is only 'me'. that. No matter what we think of or who we embrace, there is only ourselves in our hearts. The mind is always ‘me’ alone. That's how we become lonely.

# 4+Me+Sulli

Just as I live in my heart, 4 lives in 4’s heart. Sulli lives in Sulli’s heart too. You can't get to know her through a short 29-minute story, but all stories and all messages ultimately converge on Sulli and her life. Actress Choi Jin-ri dominates every scene. Totally 4 and completely Nezzi. Beautiful and unfamiliar. And that unfamiliar beauty is again interpreted in Sulli's life. No matter what the writer and director had in mind, it has to happen that way. Feeling that way, not feeling that way, and not feeling that way are ultimately the ‘I’ of our mind. If you look at her as she is, a similar feeling will cross your mind. Whatever you feel, what you think, or what you embrace, it belongs to you and no one else. My heart is alone. And, so, it will always be mine.

'4: Clean Island' is a short feature film that begins with '4', who dreams of moving to 'Clean Island', the cleanest place in the world, and tells the story of a special pig at a strange immigration gate where he can only pass through by confessing his sins. On September 27th, they first met fans and audiences at Leica Cinema (located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul) and elicited strong sympathy.

In the released film, she asks us about our own (me) feelings without Ali in a face we see for the first time (4). The face is unfamiliar, but it's so nice to see, and it's so pretty that it's almost grotesque. I think I know, but I don’t know. I don't know, but I think I know.

The screenplay was written by Kim Ji-hye, who wrote the movie 'Wish' and the drama 'No Longer Human', and the directing was co-directed by director Hwang Soo-ah, who directed many music videos and the movie 'Why Did You Come to My House', and writer Kim Ji-hye, who wrote the screenplay. did.

Released on the 13th.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google