‘Noryang: Deadly Sea’, why is it a highly anticipated film?
‘Noryang: Deadly Sea’, why is it a highly anticipated film?
The movie 'Noryang: Deadly Sea', which will mark the finale of the Yi Sun-shin trilogy project, has revealed the expected points that will captivate the audience.

Seven years after the outbreak of the Japanese Invasion of Korea, the war action masterpiece 'Noryang: Deadly Sea', which depicts Admiral Yi Sun-sin's final battle to completely annihilate the Japanese army trying to retreat from Joseon, is holding a production briefing session on the 15th ahead of its release on December 20th. The first veil is lifted through As the audience's expectations for 'Noryang: Sea of Death' are heating up, we will reveal the expected points of this winter's blockbuster film.

The first point of expectation is that ‘Noryang: Deadly Sea’ is the finale of Korea’s first Yi Sun-sin trilogy project. Director Kim Han-min, who has opened a new horizon for war films with a magnificent sense of reality and a tightly constructed story, stars Korea's leading saint, Yi Sun-sin, as the main character in 'Roaring Currents', 'Hansan: Appearance of the Dragon', and 'Noryang: Sea of Death'. The completion of the Yi Sun-shin trilogy project finally marks the end of the long journey. The final work of the 10-year journey, 'Noryang: Sea of Death', is the last of the Yi Sun-shin trilogy by reproducing on an overwhelming scale the final battle of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who tried to completely end the war with Japan, who was trying to return alive in the winter sea of Noryang Strait in 1598. It is expected that the battle will be more grand.

The second expected point is that it depicts an overwhelming final battle that can only be experienced in theaters. The production team of 'Noryang: Sea of Death', which has become Korea's best maritime combat filming veteran over the past 10 years, once again strengthened its fighting spirit in this work. The Battle of Noryang, a battle that changed the fate of Joseon and announced the end of the seven-year Japanese Invasion of Korea, is the highlight of the movie. Based on the historical naval battle fought by a total of about 1,000 ships, including the Joseon, Wae, and Ming Dynasties, it adds cinematic imagination and the spectacular sights of war to complete a naval battle drama that has never been seen before. In particular, the fierceness and tactics of the only night battle during the seven-year Japanese Invasion of Korea war will be vividly depicted on the screen, making viewers feel a surge of emotion and catharsis.

Lastly, the expected point that cannot be missed is the casting lineup complete with actors representing Korea. A wide spectrum of actors across generations, including Kim Yun-seok, Baek Yun-sik, Jeong Jae-young, Heo Jun-ho, Kim Seong-gyu, Lee Kyu-hyung, Lee Moo-saeng, Choi Deok-moon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Myung-hoon, Park Hoon, and Moon Jeong-hee, came together to complete a powerful ensemble that could not be seen anywhere else. 'Noryang: Sea of Death' is a film in which actors of various colors come together based on trust in director Kim Han-min. The faces of the actors who played each character in the movie 'Noryang: Sea of Death', which follows the fierce choices and emotional changes at every moment in the scene of a desperate battle, are expected to become an expected point that will fascinate moviegoers this winter.

It will be released on December 20th.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google