Park Jin-young, Critics Association Award for Best New Actor
Park Jin-young, Critics Association Award for Best New Actor
Actor Park Jin-young held the New Actor Award trophy at the 43rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

According to his agency BH Entertainment on the 23rd, Park Jin-young, who is currently serving in the military, won the Best New Actor award for the movie 'A Christmas Carol' at the 43rd Youngpyeong Awards hosted by the Korean Association of Film Critics held on the 21st. 'A Christmas Carol' is an action thriller about Il-woo (played by Park Jin-young), who decides to take revenge when his younger brother Wol-woo (played by Park Jin-young)'s death ends up being a simple accident and ends up in a juvenile detention center.

Park Jin-young played the dual roles of twins Il-woo and Wol-woo, who are caught up in a tragic incident in the play, and received rave reviews from critics for demonstrating his acting skills he had accumulated over the years. Park Jin-young, who won the Best New Actor Award and the TikTok Popularity Award at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards held in April this year, was once again recognized for his acting skills when he won the Best New Actor Award at the Youngpyeong Awards.

In addition, Park Jin-young, who shared his thoughts through a video while serving, said, "It is meaningful to receive such an honorable award as a soldier. 'A Christmas Carol' is like a beginning for me. Based on that beginning, I am working harder and moving forward further. "I want to show it to you. I would like to thank director Kim Seong-soo, who gave me Il-woo and Wol-woo, and all the directors, staff, seniors, and colleagues on site. I will finish my service well and come back healthy," he said.

Jinyoung Park will be discharged in the second half of next year.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google