Direct interview with ‘Chiaksan’ producer
[Exclusive] Producer of ‘Chiaksan’, “Wonju City said they would change the title, but they refused to negotiate… Isn’t that tyranny?”
[Exclusive] Producer of ‘Chiaksan’, “Wonju City said they would change the title, but they refused to negotiate… Isn’t that tyranny?”
The movie 'Chiaksan' (directed by Kim Seon-woong, produced by Doho Entertainment) expressed frustration, saying that Wonju City was only calling for a ban on screening the movie without any room for negotiation.

The producer of 'Chiaksan' said in a phone call with Ten Asia on the 30th, "Wonju City made four requests, and I said that I would accept the rest except for touching the main story, but it was not accepted at all." He said, "On the 28th, I personally made a request. “I have conveyed my intention to change the title to the person in charge of Wonju City, but it seems there is no room for negotiation,” he said.

Previously, Wonju City requested four issues from Chiaksan, citing damage to the local image and damage to the commercial district. ▲Changing the title to use the actual place name, Chiaksan Mountain ▲Deleting or silencing the part where the line Chiaksan Mountain appears in the movie ▲Notice that the actual region and events in the main film are unrelated and that the contents of fiction are processed ▲Online This includes deleting unofficial posters for the director's personal use that have spread.

According to the producer, they will accept all requests except for deleting dialogue from the main story. In relation to this, the producer said, "On the 28th, I told the person in charge of Wonju City that I would change the title, and then I saw a news interview saying, 'Changing the title is not enough.'" He added, "Under these circumstances, Wonju City has no intention of negotiating." “I came to the conclusion that it seemed like he wasn’t there,” he said.

He continued, "Actually, it wasn't an easy decision for us to change the title. It was expensive, and 'Chiaksan' had already been promoted, and trailers, posters, etc. had already been released. Nevertheless, we expressed our intention to change the title. "When I saw the rejection, I thought that Wonju City wanted to ban the screening of the movie without consultation. Honestly, I thought it was Wonju City's tyranny," he said.

He continued, "It's really an unreasonable request to ask to remove 'Chiaksan' from the main story. You're asking us to reshoot, but one of the actors is currently serving in the military, and it's really not easy to reshoot in a small budget movie." He complained.

Wonju City announced in a press release on the 27th that it plans to file an injunction to ban the screening of 'Chiaksan', which uses an actual place name as its title, as well as filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for all tangible and intangible damages that may occur due to the screening of the film. Wonju City explained, "Through two meetings, we requested that the title be changed and the part containing the line 'Chiak Mountain' be deleted from the movie, but the production company expressed its refusal, so we took legal action."
[Exclusive] Producer of ‘Chiaksan’, “Wonju City said they would change the title, but they refused to negotiate… Isn’t that tyranny?”
[Exclusive] Producer of ‘Chiaksan’, “Wonju City said they would change the title, but they refused to negotiate… Isn’t that tyranny?”
'Chiak Mountain' will hold a press preview and press conference at the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University entrance branch in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 2 p.m. on the 31st. There were concerns that the event might be delayed or canceled amid the conflict with Wonju City, but it was decided to proceed as scheduled.

The producer emphasized, "After the preview is held tomorrow and reporters see it, they will realize that the movie is not as cruel as the poster or as cruel as the poster. Please confirm whether it is a movie that is of concern to the city of Wonju."

At the same time, "In order to negotiate smoothly with the city of Wonju, we said that we would not change the title, notice, subtitles, etc., but that we would walk along the trail with the actors and conduct a safety campaign and hold a separate screening, but they rejected all of them. For us, “I did everything I could, but I’m just disappointed,” he added.

The producer of 'Chiaksan' also said about the deletion of the unofficial hate poster that was released through director Kim Seon-woong's SNS on the 17th, "We are sending an official letter to the relevant community to request deletion. However, we cannot force the deletion of the post. “The only way is to send an official letter saying, ‘We are suffering damage from these things and request their deletion,’” he said. “We cannot prevent reproduction in real time, and when a post appears, we have to check and respond to it.” “We are proceeding with it,” he replied.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google