'Chiaksan' that doesn't keep its promise, the director's hate poster openly goes online for the 3rd day
'Chiaksan' that doesn't keep its promise, the director's hate poster openly goes online for the 3rd day
Criticism is arising as the hateful poster for 'Chiaksan', which was said to have been made by director Kim Seon-woong of the movie 'Chiaksan' (director Kim Seon-woong, produced by Doho Entertainment), is being searched openly without being deleted.

As of 9:00 am on the 27th, if you search for 'Chiaksan' through various portal sites, anyone can view the unofficial hate posters for 'Chiaksan' posted on movie communities. While it is understood that there are several community posts of the poster, it is still circulating the Internet without being deleted.

On the morning of the 25th, Doho Entertainment (hereafter referred to as Doho), the producer of 'Chiaksan', announced that it would resolve the issue through its official position.

Doho said, "The production company also expresses regret for the situation in which an unofficial poster that was recently posted on the director's personal SNS account was leaked and spread online, and the poster that was uploaded to the personal account was deleted before misunderstandings grew." Nevertheless, regarding the poster that is still spreading online, we will request a digital funeral service company to resolve it in a way that can be deleted.” There are also complaints from the industry that Doho did not keep its promise to deal with the deletion in this regard and issued an empty check to avoid a momentary crisis.

On the 17th, posters of the movie 'Mt. Chiaksan' were posted on many communities, shocking many movie fans. The poster of 'Chiaksan', which became a problem, contained a visual of 18 parts of a corpse lying on the floor. This poster is currently also accessible to anyone by searching, and it is at a level where minors or weak people can be greatly shocked and psychologically affected if they see it. Regarding this, netizens are criticizing such things as "I've never seen a poster like this", "It crossed the line", "Is a poster like this possible?", "I think I should be legally stopped".

As the hateful and shocking poster was criticized for 'Chiaksan', director Kim Seon-woong apologized through his SNS and said, "It is not an official poster for 'Chiaksan', but a personally produced draft aimed at film festivals in the overseas slasher and horror genre." explained that He added, "We announced that it was not an official poster and posted it on social media, but the post was shared with some communities and recognized as an official poster."

Meanwhile, 'Chiaksan' is a reality horror film about strange things that happened to members of 'Sangaja', a mountain biking club, who visited Chiaksan Mountain where a mysterious body was found 40 years ago.

Jiye Choi, staff reporter at TenAsia wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google