August 22 box office
1st place on the 8th day, 'Oppenheimer', 'Konyu' 3 million, 'Elemental' 7 million countdown
1st place on the 8th day, 'Oppenheimer', 'Konyu' 3 million, 'Elemental' 7 million countdown
The movie 'Oppenheimer' is defending the No. 1 spot at the box office for the 8th day since its release.

According to the Korea Film Promotion Commission's integrated computer network for movie theater tickets, 'Oppenheimer' (director Christopher Nolan) mobilized 73,889 viewers at the box office on the 22nd, recording a cumulative audience of 1,753,905.

'Oppenheimer' is a new film directed by Christopher Nolan, about a genius scientist's nuclear development project who has to risk destroying the world to save it. The film, which surpassed 1.5 million viewers in just six days of its release, is gathering audiences at a faster rate than Christopher Nolan's masterpieces, 'Inception' and 'The Dark Knight'.

In second place, 'Concrete Utopia' (director Uhm Tae-hwa) mobilized 51,395 viewers and recorded a cumulative audience of 2,901,408. Expecting to break 3 million within this week. 'Concrete Utopia' is a disaster drama depicting the story of survivors gathering in the only remaining imperial palace apartment in Seoul, which was devastated by a major earthquake. 'Concrete Utopia' was praised for capturing both cinematic quality and popularity, and was selected as a Korean film entry in the International Feature Film category at the 96th American Academy Film Awards.

In third place was 'Sweet Sea: 7510' (director Lee Han), which mobilized 36,633 viewers and recorded a cumulative audience of 532,341. 'Sweet Sea: 7510' tells the story of Chiho (Yoo Hae-jin), a genius confectionery researcher who knows nothing but sweets, and Il-young (Kim Hee-seon), a world-positive mind who only knows about going straight.

'Smuggling' (director Ryu Seung-wan) ranked 4th with 21,957 viewers, with a cumulative audience of 4,820,484. 'Smuggling' is a maritime crime action drama in which people get caught up in a lifelong battle in front of people who made a living by rescuing daily necessities thrown into the sea. The film industry expects that 'smuggling', the only one of the Big 4 that has exceeded the break-even point, will break through 5 million.

'Elemental' (Director Peter Sohn) is in 5th place. It mobilized 11,037 viewers and accumulated a cumulative audience of 6,929,198, entering the countdown to break through 7 million. 'Elemental' is gaining momentum with the best score among animations since 'Frozen'. After taking the throne of the top box office foreign film in 2023, it is steadily attracting audiences.

Actor Jung Woo-sung's feature debut film 'Guardian' (director Jung Woo-sung) mobilized 5,189 viewers and recorded 112,962 people, ranking 6th.

Jiye Choi, staff reporter at TenAsia translated by google