“I covered my eyes,” Oppenheimer’s breasts exposed, one after another after being frustrated with the gold scene
A series of embarrassing reviews about 'Oppenheimer' sensational exposure scenes
A series of embarrassing reviews about 'Oppenheimer' sensational exposure scenes
The movie 'Oppenheimer' (director Christopher Nolan), which was judged to be 15 years old in Korea, continues to have embarrassing reviews about the 19-gold scene.

Oppenheimer's (Cillian Murphy) lover, Gene Tatlock (Clarence Pugh), has two intense bed and nudity scenes. In this scene, Clarence Pugh gets one-shots several times with her breasts fully exposed.

The problem is that 'Oppenheimer' is a 15-year-old viewer, not a 19-year-old. As the film deals with the biography of genius physicist Oppenheimer, middle and high school students interested in physics as well as elementary school students can watch the film with their parents.

In this regard, apart from the perfection of the film, there are a series of reviews from actual viewers who said that the exposure scene was difficult. Viewers responded by saying, 'I didn't expect it because I was a 15-year-old viewer, but I was surprised that the sex scene suddenly came out' and 'I went to the movies with my 16-year-old child and was embarrassed by the sexual act itself being exposed'. One visitor told Ten Asia, "There were elementary school students and their parents sitting next to them, and when the exposure scene came out, I saw the mother covering the child's eyes."
A series of embarrassing reviews about 'Oppenheimer' sensational exposure scenes
A series of embarrassing reviews about 'Oppenheimer' sensational exposure scenes
Regarding the rating of 'Oppenheimer' for 15-year-old viewers, the Korea Media Rating Board said, "The level of sexuality and drugs is somewhat high in subjects dealing with materials such as development of weapons of mass destruction and war, as well as scenes of body exposure, depiction of sexual acts, and scenes of drinking and smoking." It's high, but it doesn't express it consistently, so it's judged as a 15-year-old or older audience."

In Korea, it was judged to be 15 years old, but in the United States, 'Oppenheimer' was rated R, which is prohibited for viewing by teenagers, for reasons such as sensationalism, exposure, and profanity. Accordingly, American teenagers cannot see 'Oppenheimer' without being accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

As a result, some point out that the Korea Media Rating Board, which judged 'Oppenheimer' as a 15-year-old viewer, applied a loose standard.

Meanwhile, director Christopher Nolan directed a bed scene for the first time in his filmography through 'Oppenheimer'. In this regard, director Nolan said in an interview with Insider, "If you look into Oppenheimer's life, his sexuality and his relationship with a woman are indispensable parts of the story."

Jiye Choi, staff reporter at TenAsia wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google