'Detective Conan: Eoyoung of Black Iron' worked! 1st place beating 'Mission 7'
'Detective Conan: Eoyoung of Black Iron' worked! 1st place beating 'Mission 7'
'Detective Conan: Eoyoung of Black Iron' mobilized 120,000 cumulative viewers on the first day of release, and vomited up the spirit of recording first place at the box office on the opening day.

'Detective Conan: Eoyoung of Black Iron' ranked first at the box office on July 20, the day it was released. This animation beat 'Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One' (director Christopher McQuarrie, hereinafter 'Mission Impossible 7') and mobilized 117,904 people, recording a seat sales rate of 34%, ranking first at the box office with an overwhelming figure. The popularity of the series has been proven once again.

This is a new opening score record of 'Detective Conan: Crimson Love Song', which had been holding the first place in the opening score, for the first time in six years, and it is a spirit that rewrites the first place in the opening box office record among the 'Detective Conan' series released in Korea. Vomited.

'Detective Conan: Black Iron Eoyoung' has exceeded 270 million in cumulative circulation and is the 26th theatrical version of 'Detective Conan', the best-selling original best-selling animation loved by the world. It mobilized 10,000 viewers and recorded the strongest box office success in the series.

The black organization that returned to the movie version after 7 years, the 'Ocean Battle Royale Mystery' that unfolds against the background of Interpol's state-of-the-art marine facility located in the middle of the sea, and exciting action through Conan's desperate fight to save Ai Haibara who is in crisis. It is receiving explosive reactions from the audience as an all-time series that captures thrill, fun, and emotion.

On the other hand, 'Detective Conan: Black Iron Eoyoung' is a black organization trying to track the code name Sherry by occupying all age recognition AI technology being developed at Interpol's state-of-the-art marine facility Pacific Buoy, and the desperate Ocean Battle Royale of Conan, the FBI, and the Public Security Police against it. An animation depicting a mystery.

It opened on the 20th and is currently showing in theaters.

Jiye Choi, staff reporter at TenAsia wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google