Hybe artists participate in the Grammy Museum exhibition... Except New Jeans
Hybe artists participate in the Grammy Museum exhibition... Except New Jeans
An exhibition that provides a glimpse into the footsteps left by Hybe and Hybe Labels artists will be held in the United States, the world's largest music market. This is the first exhibition to highlight and reinterpret the musical achievements of Hybe and artists from the perspective of the American music industry.

Hybe, along with artists from its affiliated labels, will be holding the 'HYBE: We Believe In Music, A GRAMMY Museum Exhibit' hosted by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles from the 2nd of next month (hereinafter local time) to September 15th. announced that they will participate in the Music, Grammy Museum exhibition).

This exhibition, held on the third floor of the Grammy Museum (approximately 372㎡), was planned to highlight Hybe's path in the global music market and introduce the innovation and creativity shown by Hybe Labels artists. The Grammy Museum, which exhibits records of past winners of the 'Grammy Awards', which is considered the world's most prestigious music awards ceremony, paid attention to the musical development and influence of Hybe and Hybe Labels artists.

The exhibition will feature 12 teams of Hybe Labels artists, including singer Zico, group BTS, Seventeen, fromis_nine, Tomorrow by Together, Enhyphen, Le Seraphim, &TEAM, Boy Next Door, TWS (Tours), Eyelet, and KATSEYE. Participation was decided based on the label's choice.

In addition to the artist, records about Hybe Chairman Bang Si-hyuk are also displayed. Visitors can see the costumes and items actually worn by Hybe Labels artists in music videos and on stage, and can also view records such as music videos, choreography videos, and album posters all in one place.

There will also be a space to highlight the company itself called HYBRA. You can take a look at the past history and major achievements of Hybe, which has grown step by step over time. In addition, instruments and books inspired by Chairman Bang Si-hyuk's concerns and efforts as a musician will also be revealed.

It is also noteworthy that the sense of immersion has been increased by providing a participatory space where one can directly experience the charm of K-pop. In the 'Experience Room' (mono to immersive), visitors can vividly watch the 'Butter' stage performed by the group BTS at the 2022 Grammy Awards through a separate display, and in the 'Sing Along Booth', various Hybe Labels You can sing along to artists’ songs. You can also dance along in the 'Random Play Dance' space, and at the 'Photoism' booth, you can experience taking pictures with your favorite artist.

“Hybe and Hybe Labels artists represent the present and future of music around the world, and we wanted to deeply show our gratitude and respect for them through this exhibition,” said Grammy Museum Chairman Michael Stika. “As a playground of innovation that inspires fans beyond the region, we are happy to create a space where people can express their love for K-pop and feel closer to the artists,” he said.

“Opening an exhibition that captures Hybe's journey is a new experience for us,” said Taeho Kim, Chief Operating Officer of Hybe. “We are very excited about our partnership with the Grammy Museum and look forward to welcoming fans to view our historic works.” “You are welcome,” he said.

In connection with this exhibition, Tours will appear at ‘Global Spin Live’ on August 1st. Global Spin Live is the Grammy Museum's popular online performance series and is content that highlights global musicians. On this day, Tours interacted with local fans by performing several songs, including the title song 'If I'm S, You Be My N' from their 2nd mini album 'SUMMER BEAT!'. Attention is being paid to whether Tours, which is making its first meeting with American fans, will use Global Spin Live as an opportunity to expand its contacts with music fans around the world.

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google