Lim Young-woong, first release of ‘In October’ at noon today (6th)
Lim Young-woong, first release of ‘In October’ at noon today (6th)
TVING will release the short film <In October>, which features Lim Young-woong's acting transformation, at noon today (6th).

The movie <In Aktober> (directed by Kwon Oh-jun) tells the story of the main character, Hero (played by Lim Young-woong), who survives in a world devastated by an infectious disease outbreak and overcomes various events that happen to him. Lim Young-woong is expected to give a calming resonance to those who see him blooming hope at the border between life and death.

This short film was first introduced as the music video for Lim Young-woong's self-composed song 'Warmth', released ahead of his solo performance. The music video is short but has a powerful aftertaste, taking the top spot on YouTube as the most popular video, and has surpassed 6.91 million cumulative views as of the 5th, just two months after its release.

In directing, director Kwon Oh-joon, who participated in the production of BTS' music video, took the lead and created a lonely yet emotional visual beauty. Here, actors Ahn Eun-jin and Hyun Bong-sik appeared as ‘Hee-yeon’ and ‘Jun-ho’.

Meanwhile, TVING is showing the birth and growth of Lim Young-woong intact, including the movie <Mr. Trot: The Movie>, which contains the live performance of the Seoul public performance of 'Tomorrow's Mr. Trot Public Appreciation Concert', as well as Mr. Trot F4's full-scale growth entertainment program TV Chosun's <Mulberry Academy>. We are servicing a large number of recorded contents.

The movie <In Aktober>, which contains the first steps of actor Lim Young-woong, can be viewed on TV at 12 noon today (6th).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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