BLACKPINK Lisa’s unconventional ‘rock star’ transformation
BLACKPINK Lisa’s unconventional ‘rock star’ transformation
Lisa of the group BLACKPINK has transformed into an unconventional 'rock star'.

Lisa released her new single 'ROCKSTAR' through music sites around the world at 9 am on the 28th, Korean time.

'ROCKSTAR' is a song that stands out with Lisa's skillful rapping and energetic pop vocals, and Ryan Tedder and Sam Homaee, members and producers of the American pop rock band OneRepublic, participated to improve the quality of the song.

The music video released simultaneously with the release also showed Lisa's unrivaled presence. In the music video filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, Lisa pays homage to Thai culture and daily life, and is shown taking over the city with spectacular choreography, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans around the world.

As this is Lisa's first music released in partnership with RCA Records, a label under Sony Music since the establishment of LLOUD Co., Lisa's 'ROCKSTAR' received great attention and expectations from leading overseas media such as Rolling Stone and Billboard upon the news of its release. There is a bar.

As proof of interest, Lisa's global short-form mobile video platform TikTok account, which opened teasing content for 'ROCKSTAR', quickly surpassed 1 million followers within 2 hours of opening, setting a new Guinness record.

Lisa has also built a meaningful career as a solo artist and has emerged as a global pop artist. Not only did 'Lalisa' and 'Money' reach the top 10 on the US Billboard Global 200 chart, but they also became the first K-pop solo artist to win awards at the 'MTV Video Music Awards' and 'MTV Europe Music Awards', creating a new world. He also wrote history.

In addition to music, Lisa, who is also attracting attention in the fashion industry for her excellent fashion sense and trendy style, is currently working as an ambassador for Bulgari, and is also filming season 3 of the HBO original series 'The White Lotus', which is about to debut on global screens. It's in the middle.

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google