Baek Ji-young "My daughter is in the same class as Rain♥Kim Tae-hee's daughter"
Baek Ji-young "My daughter is in the same class as Rain♥Kim Tae-hee's daughter"
Singer Baek Ji-young shared an anecdote about how she and actress Kim Tae-hee participated in their children's sports competition and cheered them on.

On KBS 2TV's 'Men Who Do Housework Season 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Salimnam'), which aired on the 22nd, daily episodes of Park Seo-jin and Lee Tae-gon were revealed. The viewership rating recorded 6.4% nationwide, and the scene where Park Seo-jin introduces the heartbreaking story of a fan who, like him, suffered the loss of his brothers at a sports festival with fans, sent his daughter to heaven first, recorded the highest viewership rating of 8.5%.

The broadcast on this day began with a surprise birthday party for MC Eun Ji-won. After blowing out the candles on the cake, Eun Ji-won made a wish, “I hope that Seo-jin and I will continue to be housemates until the day we get married and have children.” While talking about memorable birthday gifts, Eun Ji-won mentioned fans' birthday celebration advertisements and said, "A drone (with Happy Birthday Eun Ji-won written on it) kept floating in the sky around my house. It was really memorable." It was surprising. Park Seo-jin then spread the power of good influence by saying, "What I remember most is the donations and volunteer work my fans did in commemoration of my birthday."

Park Seo-jin revealed the second story of the sports competition with 2,200 fans, ‘Anchor Star’. The sports competition was held with the teams divided into Seojin and Hyojeong teams, and ball rolling and shoe throwing games continued, with the fans' passionate cheering adding to the excitement. In addition, there were plenty of entertainment options, from a buffet where you can enjoy delicacies from the mountains and the sea to a snack truck prepared by Park Seo-jin with his own money, and MCs Eun Ji-won and Baek Ji-young, who saw this, said, “We’ll go next year too,” which made everyone laugh.

Among them, MC Baek Ji-young shared an anecdote, saying, "My daughter Haim is in the same class as Rain and Kim Tae-hee's daughter. We had a sports competition in May, but the fathers' competitive spirit caused her to fall and make a mess." In response, Eun Ji-won asked, “What did you do at that time?” and Baek Ji-young made everyone laugh by saying, “I was resting in the car for a while.” Baek Ji-young then added, "Kim Tae-hee also came to the sports festival. She cheered hard along with me," drawing attention.

Park Seo-jin gave a passionate performance for two hours and had special time with fans by preparing various events, including introducing fans' stories. And they performed a duet performance of ‘Candy in My Ears’ with Hyojung that everyone was looking forward to. As sticky skinship is the key, the two people made everyone laugh by showing off their outstanding skills during practice before the stage, but they received a warm response from fans on the stage due to the extraordinary dance they had been practicing so hard. At the end of the sports competition that Park Seo-jin had carefully prepared, he said, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always supporting Park Seo-jin," and for the first time, he said "I love you" sincerely to his fans, making them emotional.

Lee Tae-gon visited Hong Kong for the first time in the history of 'Salimnam'. Lee Tae-gon looked at the streets of Hong Kong and recalled Hong Kong movies that were very popular at the time, such as 'A Hero's True Colors' and 'A Heavenly Maid', as well as the memory of buying a book cover with the faces of the stars of the time printed, and expressed his excitement about a full-scale trip to Hong Kong. Eun Ji-won and Baek Ji-young, who were watching the video, were also lost in their memories, saying, “There were many people carrying toothpicks instead of matches to imitate the ‘true colors of a hero.’”

Lee Tae-gon visited a souvenir shop, a must-visit course, and looked at souvenirs filled with Hong Kong characteristics. Meanwhile, he personally selected and gifted group t-shirts for himself and the production crew to wear, showing off his true status as a 'production crew lover.' In addition, they created a warm atmosphere by showing a large flex that allowed payment for the team tee and the meals eaten by the production team with personal cards.

After finishing the meal, Lee Tae-gon visited the Avenue of Stars located on the Kowloon Peninsula and admired the hand prints of Hong Kong celebrities such as Kwak Bu-sung and Yeo-myeong, and seriously analyzed their palm prints, causing laughter. Lee Tae-gon's love for shamanism continued the next day. Lee Tae-gon came across the Gwanseongjegun shrine where the god Guan Yu was enshrined and visited it. Contrary to the saying that he does not kneel often, he knelt down and prayed. When the lucky number came up when fortune-telling for colic, she smiled brightly and was very happy, revealing her extraordinary love for shamanism and making people laugh.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google