Stray Kids tops YouTube trending with comeback trailer
Stray Kids tops YouTube trending with comeback trailer
The group Stray Kids is showing great global popularity ahead of its first comeback this year.

Stray Kids will release their new mini album 'ATE' at 1 PM on the 19th of next month. Prior to this, on the 19th, 'Stray Kids "ATE" Trailer' was posted on the official SNS channel, announcing the welcome news of their comeback.

The trailer topped YouTube music video trending worldwide from the 19th to the 20th, the day of its release, proving the interest of STAY (fandom name: STAY) around the world. The video started with Stray Kids becoming the advertising model for 'ATE', a fortune cookie brand that brings good luck, implying that the members holding 'ATE' fortune cookies are 'lucky characters' who drive good luck, raising expectations for the new album. My curiosity grew. In particular, enthusiastic responses from domestic and foreign fans such as "I'm curious what kind of novel concept it will be" and "Let's enjoy this summer together with SKZ and STAY" are expected to be presented by Stray Kids, a 'music Michelin' group sought by gourmets who know true taste and style. Expectations are gathering for In Music Taste.

On the 20th, a timetable containing the teaser schedule for the new mini album 'ATE' was posted in the form of a video and foreshadowed the various flavors of the new album. According to this, Stray Kids will sequentially open various teasing contents such as images and videos. Continuing the momentum, starting with 'I-Days' in Milan, Italy on the 12th of next month (hereinafter local time), 'BST Hyde Park' in London, England on the 14th, and Chicago, USA on August 2nd. He is active as a ‘triple headliner’ at major overseas music festivals, including ‘Lollapalooza Chicago’.

'Global top artist' Stray Kids will release their new album 'ATE' on the 19th of next month at 1:00 PM (00:00 Eastern time in the United States) and are expected to make a comeback this summer with fans at home and abroad.

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google