New Jeans ‘Supernatural’ doubled the fun… 2nd music video to be released later
New Jeans ‘Supernatural’ doubled the fun… 2nd music video to be released later
Group NewJeans' Japanese debut title song 'Supernatural' music video will be produced in two parts and released separately.

At 1 PM on the 21st, New Jeans (Minzy, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein)'s Japanese debut single 'Supernatural' sound source and music video were released.

According to the agency ADOR, the 'Supernatural' music video released today is Part.1. Adore said, “The music video for ‘Supernatural’ consists of two parts,” and added, “Please enjoy it by following the story line along with the music and performance.”

Mysterious objects such as a dreamy space and UFO appear in the music video, befitting the song's title 'Supernatural', which refers to a supernatural phenomenon. The story that revolves around the various emotions of Hye-in, who likes a boy, aroused curiosity and raised expectations for Part.2, which will be released later.

New Jeans' dynamic performance that takes advantage of the characteristics of the New Jack Swing genre also stands out. New Jeans performed lively steps with the dancers, demonstrating sophisticated group dance, while maintaining their unique groove through free-spirited movements. In particular, the members' powerful vibe can be felt during the dance break section using stand microphones.

New Genes made a splash by releasing their performance of 'Supernatural' for the first time on Japan's terrestrial Fuji TV 'Mezamashi TV' on the morning of the 21st, prior to the official release of the song. Next, in 'Mezamashi 8', they performed the Japanese version of 'Bubble Gum', a song included in the double single 'How Sweet' released last month. This song was first released as the 'Mezamashi 8' theme song and was loved by local fans.

New Jeans appeared on TV Asahi's 'Music Station' on the same evening, on Nippon TV's 'with MUSIC' on the 22nd, and on TBS' 'CDTV Live!' on the 24th. Live!', Fuji TV's 'FNS Song Festival' on the 3rd of next month, and TBS' 'Music Day 2024' on the 13th of next month. They will continue to perform their new songs on representative local music broadcast programs, spurring local activities.

Additionally, New Jeans will meet fans at Tokyo Dome on the 26th and 27th of this month. It is expected to confirm the powerful influence of New Genes, which set a new record for an overseas artist to enter the Tokyo Dome in the shortest period of time (1 year and 11 months) since their debut, and sold out all tickets early even though it was a weekday event.

New Genes' Japanese debut single 'Supernatural' contains a total of 4 songs, including the title song of the same name, 'Supernatural', the b-side song 'Right Now', and each song's instrumental. 'Supernatural', with its sophisticated new jack swing style, and 'Right Now', with its fast beats and catchy drum and bass genre, show contrasting charms.
Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google