Choi Dong-seok, divorced, makes a fresh start
Choi Dong-seok, divorced, makes a fresh start
Announcer Choi Dong-seok from KBS signed an exclusive contract with Story & Plus.

On the 20th, Story & Plus announced the news of signing an exclusive contract with Choi Dong-seok, saying, “We are happy to welcome Choi Dong-seok, who has been loved by the public for his versatile charm, as a new member,” and added, “We can shine our presence through various activities in the future.” “We will do our best to provide support in various ways,” he said.

Choi Dong-seok, who joined KBS as an announcer for the 30th open recruitment in 2004, has received a lot of love for his neat hosting skills across program genres such as 'Entertainment Relay', 'Love Request', and 'News 9'.

In addition, Choi Dong-seok plans to play an active role as an MC in TV Chosun's 'Now I'm Alone', which will be aired for the first time in July, showing his journey to prepare for a leap forward without any embellishment.

Choi Dong-seok, who attracted attention by leaving KBS in August 2021 and declaring himself a freelancer, is raising great expectations about what kind of synergy he will exert with Story & Plus in the future.

Story & Plus, which includes actors Kim Sang-woo, Jeong I-heon, and Lee Jeong-won, and singers Han Seo-in and Lee Joo-cheon, is a general entertainment company that is expanding its scope in the MC sector, including singers and actors. She is the wife of group Shinhwa member Jeon Jin and is active in entertainment and advertising. It owns influencer Ryu Yi-seo's agency, The J Story, as a subsidiary. 

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google