Ji Hyun-woo and Lim Soo-hyang start dating again
Ji Hyun-woo and Lim Soo-hyang start dating again
Lim Soo-hyang and Ji Hyun-woo began their second romance.

In the 24th episode of KBS 2TV's weekend drama 'Beauty and the Pure Boy', which aired yesterday (9th), the love triangle between Kim Ji-young (played by Lim Soo-hyang), Go Pil-seung (played by Ji Hyun-woo), and Gong Jin-dan (played by Go Yoon) reached its peak.

After hearing the shocking news that Pil-seung was Jang Su-yeon's (Lee Il-hwa) biological son, Gong Ma-ri (Han Su-ah) denied the unbelievable reality and was unable to calm down her anger toward her mother, Su-yeon, who abandoned her child.

Meanwhile, Pil-seung declared to his family that he liked Ji-young and warned them not to bother her anymore. As Pil-seung did not bend his mind, Kim Seon-young (played by Yoon Yu-seon) and Sogeum-ja (Lim Ye-jin) visited Ji-young and asked her not to fall for Pil-seung.

Ji-young, who was confused after Seon-yeong and Geum-ja's visit, purposely avoided Pil-seung, but was shaken by Pil-seung's sincere expression of his feelings. Jiyoung eventually accepted Pilseung’s feelings.

Jiyoung, who started dreaming of becoming a full-fledged actor while holding the hand of Lee Jae-dong (Nam Jung-gyu), was very happy to be cast as the main character in a one-act play. Pil-seung, who found out about this, also supported Ji-young's dream and stayed by her side.

Meanwhile, Jin Jin expressed his discomfort when Ji-young, whom he chose as Park Do-ra's (Im Soo-hyang) replacement, rejected him. Jin-jin, whose pride was hurt, got angry and shouted at her, and Ji-young, who was watching his creepy appearance, was so startled that she avoided having a meal with him.

To make matters worse, the situation escalated when Hong Ae-kyo (played by Kim Hye-sun) misunderstood the relationship between Ji-young and Jin-dan. Aegyo visits Jiyoung and warns her not to meet Jindan. Pil-seung's family, who witnessed this scene, began to look at her unfavorably, saying that Ji-young had crossed paths with Pil-seung and Jin-dan, and Ji-young, who was put in an unfair situation, burst into tears out of sadness.

At the end of the broadcast, Jin-jin came to Ji-young's house and ran alone, creating tension. Jin Jin, who lost his temper due to Ji Young's repeated rejections, showed his violent tendencies and gave people goosebumps by saying, "You should answer that you like me too." At that moment, Pilseung, who witnessed the two people's scuffle, mercilessly punched Jindan.

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