(G)I-DLE, aiming for the charts this summer... Comeback with ‘I SWAY’ on July 8th
(G)I-DLE, aiming for the charts this summer... Comeback with ‘I SWAY’ on July 8th
Group (G)I-DLE returns with a new album that will beat the heat this summer.

(G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua) released their comeback poster on their official SNS on the 10th. This album is a new album released after the second full-length album 'Two' last January, and (G)I-DLE has confirmed the date of their comeback in six months.

(G)I-DLE's new album will be released as their 7th mini album on July 8th at 6 PM (Korean time). Attention is focused on what kind of music (G)I-DLE will include in their 7th mini album 'I SWAY', which uses 'SWAY', which means 'to shake', in the title name.

In addition, the phrase 'SUMMER VACATION' on the comeback poster, the cassette player in a pink-yellow color combination, and the classic open car design raised expectations for the concept of (G)I-DLE's 7th mini album, which will be released in the summer season.

In addition, (G)I-DLE will visit fans in the second half of this year through a world tour.

(G)I-DLE will start with the '2024 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [iDOL] IN SEOUL' on August 3rd and 4th, and will tour Hong Kong, Tokyo, Tacoma, Oakland, Anaheim, Houston, Rosemont, Belmont Park, World tour performances will be held in 14 cities around the world, including Taipei, Bangkok, Macau, Melbourne, and Sydney.

In the general ticket sales for the Seoul concert held earlier, all tickets for the second performance were sold out in 10 minutes, proving the ticket power of (G)I-DLE, a 'concert-type idol.'

(G)I-DLE was loved on the stage of a recent university festival for their solid live skills and for causing people to sing along with 'Because I Hate Being Pain' (Fate), which is considered the best comeback song of the year.

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google