Jung Ryeo-won secretly kisses younger man Wi Ha-jun in the bathroom
Jung Ryeo-won secretly kisses younger man Wi Ha-jun in the bathroom
'Graduation' Jung Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-jun begin a thrilling secret relationship.

On the 8th, tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Graduation' captured Seo Hye-jin (played by Jeong Ryeo-won) and Lee Jun-ho (played by Wi Ha-jun) on an in-office date that lasted for 24 sweet hours.

In the last broadcast, Seo Hye-jin and Lee Jun-ho's relationship changed from priests to colleagues to lovers. Seo Hye-jin and Lee Jun-ho supported each other through difficult times, and their love story was as deep and thrilling as the long wait.

While the adult romance between Seo Hye-jin, a veteran star instructor but not good at dating, and 'flirting genius(?)' Lee Jun-ho stimulated viewers' expectations, the secret romance revealed on this day doubles the excitement. Lee Jun-ho gives Seo Hye-jin a surprise kiss in the academy's bathroom. Seo Hye-jin was momentarily taken aback by his sudden behavior, but her excitement was evident as if she didn't just hate it.

'Wishing for Seo Hye-jin' Lee Jun-ho's sweet eye flirting does not discriminate between time and place. While Seo Hye-jin is away for a while, Lee Jun-ho's appearance waiting impatiently like a 'dog' brings smiles to the viewers. You can feel their deepening affection through the exchange of eyes dripping with honey, even if they only briefly glance at each other during the meeting. In the previous preview video, the heart rate of viewers was raised with sweet skinship that did not stop for a moment from the academy parking lot to the bathroom to the classroom, raising expectations about how Seo Hye-jin and Lee Jun-ho's secret love story will be portrayed.

The production team of tvN's 'Graduation' said, "The situation in which Seo Hye-jin and Lee Jun-ho meet for the first time as lovers, and the various changes will bring excitement," adding, "Please look forward to the unexpected incident that will turn Daechi-dong upside down."

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google