Oh Yeon-seo was not a traitor
Oh Yeon-seo was not a traitor
‘Player 2’ Song Seung-heon’s punishment has begun.

In the second episode of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Player 2: War of the Crooks' (written by Park Sang-moon and Choi Seul-gi, directed by Jae-hyun Jae, planned by Studio Dragon, produced by People Story Company), genius conman Kang Ha-ri (played by Song Seung-heon) has a full-fledged relationship with Jeong Soo-min (played by Oh Yeon-seo). Cooperation began.

Accordingly, the viewer rating for the second episode recorded an average of 4.1% and a maximum of 5.4% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 4.0% and a maximum of 5.1% for households nationwide, ranking first in the same time slot on cable and comprehensive channels in both the metropolitan area and nationwide (cable, Based on IPTV and satellite integrated paid platform / provided by Nielsen Korea).

On this day's broadcast, Kang Ha-ri's perfect strategy, which succeeded in enriching the pockets of Kang Do-young (played by Tae In-ho), the leader of the NFT fraud case, brought pleasure to the viewers. While Kang Do-young only looked at the forest and focused all his attention on his suspicions towards them, he was caught off guard by taking advantage of the fact that he could not even look at a small tree.

In particular, Jeong Soo-min's actions, which were thought to have lured the players into a trap, surprised everyone as it turned out to have been planned by Kang Ha-ri to confirm Kang Do-young's suspicions. Kang Do-young, who had a premonition of victory as he watched the players being taken away by the Thai police, lost all the money in his electronic wallet due to the malicious code planted by Lim Byeong-min (Lee Si-eon). As a result, it lost its usefulness and eventually became the boss' subordinate. lost their lives by

Jeong Soo-min formally extended his hand to Kang Ha-ri, who perfectly succeeded in carrying out her first operation. I wanted the players' abilities themselves, not a desire for revenge or hostility. Above all, not only is he aware of the relationship between Kang Ha-ri and prosecutor Jang In-gyu (played by Kim Won-hae), but he also proposes collaboration for a period of one year on the condition that the criminal records and wanted records of players in Korea will be permanently erased, making people even more curious about their identity. made me do it

The players who accepted Jeong Soo-min's offer and returned to Korea had as their first mission to uncover the truth about a club where various drugs were being distributed and the actual owner of the club, KU Entertainment. The thugs who went to the club and targeted Lee Jin-soo (Choi Seung-yoon), the director of KU Entertainment, attacked Jeong Su-min and took him to a drug warehouse.

After obtaining a confession using a clever and effective method of detecting Lee Jin-soo's psychology, he sent all the evidence, testimony, and witnesses to prosecutor Kwak Do-soo (played by Ha Do-kwon) for the prosecutor to investigate, but KU Entertainment CEO Kim (played by Park Geon-hyung) An attempt was made to cut the tail by exploiting collusion with the police. As players continue to try to secure evidence in every possible way without backing down, attention is focused on whether they will be able to find a decisive clue to solving the case.

Ha-ri Kang went to the Gangun District Prosecutors' Office, where he was exiled, to meet Prosecutor Jang In-gyu, who had punished villains with them in the past. The happy greeting with Jang In-gyu at their reunion after a long time foreshadowed another turn as they encountered Prosecutor Kwak Do-soo, who briefly recognized them. Kwak Do-su, who knows that Kang will pass on information about the drug case, is paying attention to what he will say to Kang Ha-ri.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google