Suzy "I have fun dancing with Park Bo-gum"
Suzy "I have fun dancing with Park Bo-gum"
Actress Suzy revealed her special affection for the movie ‘Wonderland’.

On the 4th, Suzy conducted an interview about the movie 'Wonderland' at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, and told various stories.

'Wonderland' is a story about reuniting with a loved one through Wonderland, a video call service that restores dead people with artificial intelligence (AI).

Suzy appeared as Jeong-in, an airline flight attendant who restored her unconscious boyfriend Tae-joo (played by Park Bo-gum) in Wonderland and gave a passionate performance.

Even before the release, the chemistry between Suzy and Park Bo-gum has been a hot topic. In addition to posting a friendly two-shot on his personal SNS, he also posted a long and earnest message toward Tae-joo in the play. In response, Suzy laughed and said, "The preparation period was long and the work was different from the previous methods. We communicated a lot and I have fun memories of filming, so I have special affection for it. That's why I'm working very hard on publicity."

Regarding the long post posted on SNS, he said, "I wrote it while organizing the relationship between Tae-joo and Jeong-in based on the information in the script in order to immerse myself in the character," and "I wrote it to understand why Jeong-in applied for the Wonderland service. “I filled in the empty stories between the two people,” he explained.

He said he had a really good time with Park Bo-gum during filming. Suzy said, "The staff even said, 'You two play well together.' In the good old days, when we were filming videos, we had to speak informally to each other, and as we expressed this kind of relationship by joking around with each other, we naturally became close. Even when we were waiting, we became close friends. “I had a lot of fun dancing,” he said.

‘Wonderland’ will be released on the 5th.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google