Jeon Yu-jin "I was rejected by my first love"
Jeon Yu-jin "I was rejected by my first love"
'Korea-Japan Top Ten Show' Jeon Yu-jin honestly opens up about the painful memories of her first love.

The second episode of MBN's 'Korea-Japan Top Ten Show', which will be broadcast on the 4th, will be held under the theme of hidden 'love songs' between Korea and Japan. Jeon Yoo-jin, who was called the contestant, went on stage and announced that she chose Lim Young-woong's 'Love Always Runs Away', and when asked why, she said, "Actually, I had my first love," and MC Daesung and Gangnam. It's shocking. Jeon Yu-jin, who said, “It was a one-sided love, but was rejected,” made people laugh by saying, “I guess I lacked skills because it was my first love.”

However, Jeon Yu-jin soon shared the story of how she found out that her first love had another girlfriend, infuriating everyone, and said, "I think I've listened to this song a lot since then," and heard Lim Young-woong's 'Love Always Runs Away' as a healing song. I get support by explaining why it happened. Attention is being paid to what painful memories are connected to Jeon Yu-jin and her first love that made everyone angry.

Meanwhile, Jeon Yu-jin will face the Japanese team's Azuma Aki for the first time as a 'trot prodigy' versus an 'enka prodigy'. Azuma Aki expresses tension before confronting Jeon Yu-jin, saying, “I want to go back to Japan,” but Lee Mi-ja’s deep expression of ‘The Camellia Lady’ leaves a lasting impression. In response to this, Jeon Yu-jin sang Lim Young-woong's 'Love Always Runs Away' with emotion as if she had poured out all the painful memories of her first love, and MC Daesung responded, "It's so harsh." He gives high praise, saying, “Why does love keep running away?” This raises curiosity as to who will be the winner of 'Love Song' between Jeon Yu-jin and Azuma Aki.

Meanwhile, Daesung, who made a successful MC debut through 'Korea-Japan Top Ten Show', even took on the challenge of impromptu acting on this day. Prior to the singing competition between Yoyomi and Miyu Kanou, the 'representative sweet girls' of Korea and Japan, an acting competition took place between the two to determine who would go first and who would go first. On their anniversary, Daesung transformed into a virtual boyfriend who was upset by his late girlfriend, and spontaneously performed an impromptu act in response to the two's cuteness. Gangnam jokingly commented on Daesung's acting, saying, "It's been so long since I like you." A big laugh erupts as it flies.

'Crea Studio' said, "In today's second episode, the unconventional rule of Korea and Japan recruiting someone from the other team adds to the fun of watching," adding, "Watch out who will be the member whose fate will change in the Korean and Japanese teams." “Please give it to me,” he said.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google