Hyejin Han "I feel ashamed of myself for being fooled by two men"
Hyejin Han "I feel ashamed of myself for being fooled by two men"
The MCs of ‘Love Meddling’ are angry after hearing the story.

In episode 228 of KBS JOY's 'Interference in Love', which airs at 10:30 pm on the 4th, the story of a 27-year-old troubled woman is told.

While a troubled woman was spending a lonely time alone, she met two men from the same company. The day I received a call from A, a handsome and cheerful man, I also received a call from B, a man with a friendly and sweet personality.

The distressed woman did not want to miss the opportunity to settle down as a single person after a long time, so she contacted the two men and decided to make up her mind carefully. After that, every time I make an appointment with the two men, their schedules strangely start to coincide, and I know information about the troubled woman that I never told them about.

Then one day, while drinking coffee with her colleagues on the rooftop of her company, a troubled woman witnesses a scene where men A and B meet on the rooftop. It turned out that the two men were friends. The distressed woman, who was greatly shocked, said she was embarrassed and ashamed that she knew all about the fact that she had been debating between the two men.

In the studio, these two men talk about the distressed woman's situation. Joo Woo-jae says, “Men A and B must have made a bet,” and Han Hye-jin understands the troubled woman, saying, “I feel ashamed of myself for being played by two men.”

After learning all the facts, the troubled woman gets angry at men A and B, and after persuasion from the two men, they decide to meet three more times. Kim Sook is embarrassed and says, “I participated in a men’s game.”

Then one day, Man B posted a photo on social media that looked like he was in love with a troubled woman who was falling for Man A, and even his co-workers were confused. Man A, who is angry, comes to visit the woman in distress, but is surprised when Man B appears there.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google