Suzy "Duet performance with Park Bo-gum, we are so pretty together"
Suzy "Duet performance with Park Bo-gum, we are so pretty together"
Actress Suzy shared her thoughts on performing on 'The Seasons - Zico's Artist' with Park Bo-gum.

On the 4th, Suzy conducted an interview about the movie 'Wonderland' at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, and told various stories.

'Wonderland' is a story about reuniting with a loved one through Wonderland, a video call service that restores dead people with artificial intelligence (AI).

Suzy appeared as Jeong-in, an airline flight attendant who restored her unconscious boyfriend Tae-joo (played by Park Bo-gum) in Wonderland and gave a passionate performance.

Park Bo-gum and Suzy have worked together as MCs for the Baeksang Arts Awards a total of six times. This time, they are looking forward to working together as a romantic couple.

The two appeared on KBS' 'The Seasons - Zico's Artist' and performed a duet performance. Suzy said, "I saw Park Bo-gum oppa invite me to a musical before, and I was surprised. I felt that he had a lot of musical talent. When preparing for this stage, it was good to be able to show Bo-gum oppa's new side. I felt reassured. I had the opportunity to perform on stage with him." “It may never happen again, but I made good memories through the movie.”

He also told about the preparation process. Suzy said, "There was almost no preparation period. We each chose a song, practiced individually, and played together for a while. We made a lot of mistakes during rehearsal. We didn't practice enough, but the performance came out well in our own way. We said to ourselves, 'We're so pretty.' “I was happy to go home,” he said.

‘Wonderland’ will be released on the 5th.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google