“There is no possibility of Hive leaving New Genes”… Hana Securities, investment opinion ‘buy’
“There is no possibility of Hive leaving New Genes”… Hana Securities, investment opinion ‘buy’
Hana Securities analyzed Hive, saying, "Short-term volatility remains, but the stock's attractiveness has increased due to period adjustments due to the Adore issue, etc." and maintained the investment opinion of 'Buy' and the target price of 315,000 won.

On the 4th, Lee Ki-hoon, a researcher at Hana Securities, said, "The Adore issue is currently ongoing, but there is no possibility of New Jeans leaving, so the possibility of further downgrade in profits is limited." He added, "Fandom unity following the discharge of BTS member Jin “With the debut of a new American girl group and the anticipated monetization of the Weverse platform in the second half of the year, the stock price is highly attractive,” he explained.

He continued, "Hive has formed the majority of Adore's board of directors and has created an environment in which it can be dismissed, but it does not seem likely that CEO Min Hee-jin will be dismissed in a situation where legal procedures have been followed." “It is important to prove that this was not the case, and it is in the interests of the majority that the risk disappears quickly,” he said.

In addition, he said, "If this issue is resolved, conditions will be in place to fully reflect the good news of the sequential discharge of BTS members and the debut of an American girl group."

Lastly, "Considering only recent album sales, Enhyphen's comeback is in the 3rd quarter, and although there was an issue of a sharp decline in the initial release of New Genes' album (album sales for a week based on the release date), the 2nd quarter sales were strong due to the rapid expansion of the contribution of new groups. “The profit consensus (average expected value) is around 90 billion won,” he said. “Boynextdoor’s initial sales exceeded 700,000 compared to its previous work, and Eyelet also sold more than 500,000 cumulative copies.”

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google