‘Monk Newjin’ Yoon Seong-ho, a beautiful story revealed
‘Monk Newjin’ Yoon Seong-ho, a beautiful story revealed
The funny story of comedian Yoon Seong-ho, who is active as ‘Monk Newjin’, has been delivered belatedly.

On the 16th, a clip video of Yoon Seong-ho's broadcast was posted on the YouTube channel 'You Quiz on the Tube', and his funny story was revealed in the comments.

According to this, one netizen said, "I witnessed a traffic accident when passing near Yeongdeungpo Station in 2016. At the time, the car behind hit the car in front at a stop sign, and Seong-ho Yoon got out of the BMW in front. Even though he was hit quite loudly from behind, Seong-ho Yoon hit the driver of the car behind. “He didn’t get angry once and instead asked if it was okay and instead took care of the other person.”

The netizen continued, "He then said he was glad he wasn't seriously hurt and said he didn't have to file an insurance claim and could just leave. As an ordinary person, I thought celebrities would be in real trouble if something like this happened, but I was very impressed by their generosity."

At the same time, the netizen cheered, “I hope that Yoon Seong-ho will have good things in his future, and I hope that he will continue to be filled with good things in the future.”

In addition to this, Yoon Seong-ho's beautiful stories continued endlessly. One netizen left a comment saying, "I ran into him on the subway and asked for a picture, and he was really kind enough to take one. I thought he was a really nice person." Another netizen said, "I saw him eating alone at a rest area about 10 years ago. On 'Gag Concert'. “It was a time when he was well known, so I greeted him happily and he shook my hand and said, ‘Thank you for recognizing me,’ and he bought walnut snacks from the snack bar and gave them to us to eat. I remember his warm smile.”

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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